Friday, April 6, 2012


   Heart brake is all around the world no matter what online in real life you name it. It just hurts to see other people suffer from a breakup. So today on pico I decided to look at one of my friends profile info cause I was going to go follow her and say hello and I noticed her status said, "Some people want it all But I don't want nothing at all if I ain't got you."~™B U• N •N Y ™
I also have a chat of me and ™B U• N •N Y ™ talking .

Madi poo (09:28)
So bunny what are you referring to for your profile info is it for a heart brake or is it that your taken ?
™B U• N •N Y ™ (09:29)
I'm Not either.
™B U• N •N Y ™ (09:29)
I'm crushing<3

Their we have it she is crushing well bunny I wish you the best of luck on your crush and you. (:

  Another one of my friends got my attention her name is ℓαуℓα♡ sadly she was offline so I could not get a chat with her but as you may see she has probably been heartbroken in the past.

  I have one more person for you all to know about her pico name is Ali™ sadly she was offline to so I could not get a chat with her ether. But as you may look she is taken in a relationship so she is enjoying her life of not a heart brake.

Here are some quotes of Heart brake
It's not my fault if I can't help looking at you. It's not my fault if I can't stop calling you. It's not my fault I do like you. My only mistake was to fall to much in love with you.

Sometimes - no matter how long, or how much you love someone, they will never love you back and somehow you have to learn to be okay with that.

If your gonna make me cry, at least be there to wipe away the tears.

I'm holding on to something that used to be there hoping it will come back, knowing it won't.

Now here is my quote "lσvє ís mєnt tσ вє вrσkєn вrσkєn ís mєnt tσ вє fíхєd."~Madi Poo

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