Thursday, April 26, 2012

Petition: Keep Timelordess in Pico

How would you feel if you went to Pico World Support ( for help and they turned around and said they may ban your account? Well, that's what's happened to Timelordess.

Here's what happened:

Timelordess noticed some fishy activity with her account's Gummies balance. She was threatened by a someone who claimed to be a hacker in a GM Games area. Then overnight it changed to a very high amount. She contacted Pico World Support and was told that she might never get access to her account again ... even though she did no wrong.

Timelordess's character:

Those who know Timelordess, know that she's fun and caring ... and hasn't the first clue how to be a hacker or scammer. She reports those who bully and threaten to Pico World Support, and encourages her circle of friends to do the same.

For Timelordess to now face the possibility of being permanently banned simply in asking for help is incredibly unfair. Who's next? You? Me?

Sign a support petition:

If you feel the same, please join the Friends of Timelordess and sign this petition to support her cause. Fill in as much of your personal information as you care to give (you don't have to put your address and if you un-click the 'Display my signature publicly' check box your endorsement will only show to the petition's administrator).

Each time the petition is signed an email is sent to Ameba ( and CyberAgent America, Inc. (

The letter:

Dear Ameba and CyberAgent America:

Recently, Pico ID Timelordess (also *Timelordess*) reported to Pico World Support ( that she noticed some suspicious activity with her account. Her Gummies currency balance had ballooned to a very large amount. This happened after an incident in the GM Games area; she was threatened by a players who claimed to be a hacker.

Being a responsible player, Timelordess came forward to you seeking help. Instead, she was told that because of this strange account activity she may be banned.

This would be incredibly unfair and unjust.

As a friend of Timelordess and a concerned Pico player I want to give her my support.

I vouch for Timelordess's character and want to tell you that she:

  • is not, nor has she ever been, a hacker or scammer. She does not support this activity and has, in fact, posted anti-hack/scam messages to readers of her Pico blog.
  • is a mature and responsible person who does not invest her time in hacking/scamming or the abuse of other players.
  • is a positive, encouraging and inclusive member of the Pico game community. She is accepting of people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds into her friendship circle.
  • encourages all those who come within her influence to resolve their in-game issues by reporting them to -- instead of taking matters into their own hands.
  • supports your organization through purchasing Ameba Gold and deserves a proper investigation into the account activity she has brought to your attention.
Ameba Pico needs to invest in proper safeguards to protect innocent players, like Timelordess, and catch those who carry out wrongdoing through hacking, scamming, abuse and other exploits of the game.

Please assign the blame where it lies.

Please do not ban the accounts of Timelordess.


[Your Name]

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  1. to my knowledge Time Lordess has not been banned.