Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old Friend

Today, I logged on right after dinner, and saw I had mail, I looked and found it was a reply, from my plead for one of my long lost buddies to get on! (top letter)
Then I saw, the "I'm on now..." part and FLIPPED OUT! You see, Veronica has been my VERY BESTEST FRIEND on Pico, for a long time. Then, one night while we were on like in DECEMBER, she said she needed to chores, and I was like ok, see ya in a sec. I had no IDEA that the next time I was going to see her would be in MAY! SO, when I saw she was online I went BIZZERK! I started screaming, and my mom gave me one of those "I'm not even going to ask" faces. So we hung out for like 15 mins, did what we did in December, and then she stopped moving, stopped talking, and fell asleep.
<.< Veronica sleeping

I was thinking, "NO NO NO! I'm not LOSING her again." I started to become nervous. But, then she got back on, and we messed around for another ohhh maybe half hour. So, I was thinking, this is great! And then, something happened we were in the middle of a conversation with Blackjack 2012 and Veronica went POOF, gone, offline. And I wished I had said goodbye. Then, she came back on and I was helping my brother and when I went back on, this was in chat history!
(19:37) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: MAYA
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: I GOTTA
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: GOOBYE
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: LOVE U<3
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: I G2GGGG
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: DON'T KNOW IF I'LL BE BACK FOR A WHILE! 

Veronica, was not online. Oh my Veronica, I  just got you back and now I'm losing you again! You'll always be with me in my heart, and I'll ache for you, until you return!
Me and Veronica >.>

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