Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Guide on the new Ameba Pico GM Gacha.

 Well everyone knows how the whole GM games are on maintenance right.? Well my friend had this really neat hat her names Not you. I was all like "So Not you where did you get that lovely hat on your avatar. She tells me "Well I got it from a GM gacha in Reversi",I say "Well aren't the games being worked on". She says "Yes they are." Also this new GM Gacha will Cost you 10k Gummies a spin.

How To Get Into Reversi or Card Match
 Well since pico is working on the betting GM games you can still get into Reversi or Card Match.(:
All you have to do is go AFK for at least 10 minutes check your screen to see if a square pops up it would usually say "Go to a Buddie","Go to an event",Go play a game of Card Match,Go play a game of Reversi. You wanna wait until the one for Reversi pops up. Reversi GM gacha is the only one with this new gacha witch has to do with school.
A Box like this will appear but will say Go play a game of Reversi if not Reversi Click the "X" Button and go afk again.(:

Gacha Pickup Clothes
 ~The first Clothes outfit items you can get are a Lacrosse gr/uniform,High school Knit Cap/Gr,High School Glasses/Br High school ribbon/gr-yw/nv-yw/rd-yw,High school Necktie/Br,Lacrosse Racket/wh
 ~The second Clothes outfit Cheerleader Uniform/Rd,Cheerleader Pompom/Rd-Wh
Gacha Furniture Pickup
 High school Blackboard,Lockers,Basketball Goal,High school Gym Floor,High school Showcase,High school Lunch Basket

 Thank you all for reading this.:) This post is from Madi Poo all pictures are taken by me and go credit to me for my avatar showing off the clothes and my room.(: REMEMBER 10,000 GUMMIES FOR ONE SPIN IN THIS GACHA!~ Good Luck Spinning.(:

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  1. Hi... Umm, I went to the Reversi Plaza and I can't find a gacha for ten thousand gummies.. Please help