Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saving gummies; tips and suggestions!

Saving gummies for the skywall, egyptian chair, and many other high priced Pico Items are RIDICULOUSLY easy!!!!!! I completely underestimated its "easyness". I always thought it would take YEARS to save up for it, but no, its actually VERY easy, if you know how to do it. And that's what I'm here to do today!
Good rooms for gummies:
  • One of the BEST ways to get gummies is to eat food! If you don't have food, don't spend the 300 gummies to buy it, go to an event!!! With the events, whatever you do, DO NOT pick a hot food event! There wont be food left over, or they'll be too many people fighting over it, pick a new event. Once your at the event, if the food is blocked don't waste your time there, move on to a different new food room. One GREAT thing about food rooms is that, they're ALWAYS new events.
  • Another way is to hang out at a prop party! Props parties are generally full of nice people! So, its a great way to socialize, gain buddies, and get gummies! Go to hot events for good results in this technique.

Best Events To Make For Gummies:
The best way to earn gummies with room events is to "advertise". People like to earn money (props and rings) and if you notice in the hot events list, most of the hot events are; trivia's, BF/GF searches, and Adoptions. So, you may want to consider making events along those lines to attract visitors!
  • Another room event that makes millions is Food events, food events are great because, you earn cash, and so does the consumer! Many people like to visit these events because they dont want to purchase the food themselves, so if you have food, put it to use. Something to take into consideration when making food events is; blocks that force you to prop, ring, favorite, etc. don't work quite as effectively. In the short run, yes, but in the long run, you only lose consumers and give off bad vibes. So, try to avoid making blocks.
  • Another room is a prop party. Prop parties are GREAT because, they're generally full of happy, fun, and nice people. These events draw large quantities of people to gather to earn gummies. You also make the double the cash because, of rings.

  • Another room event that is very promising is the "Prop back", or, "Ring Back" events. People don't want to be cheated so, try as hard as you can to stay faithful and quick when doing this event. The best way is to open your prop or ring list at the top of the screen. Reload that pop-up every now and then by minimizing the screen and then opening it again. This will help keep track of who did who. 

Using these tips I hope I help! If you have any questions please ask in comments and I'll try to help! I hope you found this useful! My last tip is to not give into the temptation if gacha, new shops, or parks. The more things you purchase, the harder and longer it will be to get what you SUPER want. The item will for sure be there when you've saved up. and bought what you want. My prediction is, if you earn your limits of gummies everyday that you'd be able to purchase 15,000 gummies item in less in a month at the most.
  • Props=200 gummies; (20 props; 10 gummies per prop)
  • Rings=200 gummies (20 prings 10 gummies per ring)
  • Food=200 or 400 gummies; (40-80 foods 5 gummies per food given or consumed)

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