Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prom Time in Pico

So, I logged on and WAH LA! it was like Pico was saying, "Ohhh maya, guess what? Your favorite time, it's BACK!" Yes, Yes, Prom in Pico is my absolute FAVORITE! All the stylish dresses and all the glitter and styles and cute dresses it all brings back to me memories of my superb fashion writing days. (AHHHHH, Sweet, Sweet, memories :D) So, I'm waiting to visit the park, expecting to fall in LOVE with something to the point that it seems to mock and I just HAVE to get it, or die! LOL! So, when I walk in, it looks to be almost EXACTLY like last years, so it was quite easy to figure out which of the MANY shops I needed to be looking at!

Hahaha my time is FINALLY here! I get to see what I wanted, the dresses!(feel free to make ohhh and ahhh noises) And....... *clicks*!

:O I opened the shop, and I realized, there was hardly anything worth buying at all! In fact, I didn't like 
ANY of it! 

To me it looks like this dress could pass as a child's dress, not a FULL grown TEENAGER'S dress! C'mon Pico, poofy arms, fluffy bottoms?

And this dress, What? Now that we're teenagers we're supposed to dress in dresses with no character and no, well, pizazz?

Sure, If I knew Pico couldn't do any better, and this is how creative they got, then MAYBE, just maybe I might consider it, but if you remember last year, the vibrant colors, the fab ruffles, the elegant sparkling gowns, where'd all that go? And, these are all the items in the shop, last year I remember PAGES of outfits. Not trying to offend anyones opinions here, I'm just trying to express mine!

Summary: I feel that Pico had an amazing prom series of dresses last year, and they didn't progress style wise. The dresses they do have seem immature or very lacking of creativity. It just doesn't seem to have the wow factor as last year's did. They don't have many items in their shop and I'm hoping they come out with more items! :)

One of last year's many fashionable dresses:

This was my favorite! (Bow Waist Tiered Prom Dress/pk)

Well, I decided to take a stroll to other parks Pico has "decorated" for Prom, because the waiting list was quite long (100+) I decided to spend some time in the Pico Gym, and I found someone wearing the "grandma" dress. At first my initial reaction was, That can't be....but it was and I must admit, it does look better while worn in a complete outfit! I just wish, that they'd make a vibrant color, like pink, or my favorite, light blue!

So, after that surprise, relatively nothing happened and I was left alone to visit and wonder about a Park that must be, AMAZING if sooo  many people were waiting....

And so, that long list of 100 people, this is what you're waiting for! A SOCIALIZATION PARK! :)

This appears to be a mixing pot to share information, socialize, meet new people, or eaves drop on conversations! Well, keep you eyes peeled in the information pop-up, if this prom is going to be anything like last year's, new stuff is going to be added like crazy!!!!!! Hope to see you all there sometime! :)

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