Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Virtual Relationships (BF/GF)

     In pico, you see profiles showing another avatar's name, showing that they have a BF/GF relationship. I know many types of people who have many different opinions on that, this post is dedicated to inform you of opinions other pico's have. I ask that you write your thoughts in the comments!
     Here's how this is going to work, I'm going to ask the same questions to different people. Here are the questions: (Please answer these is comments based on your own opinion!!!!!!)
Question 1 (represented as Q1): What do you feel about Pico's dating, do you think it's honorable, stupid, pointless, etc.? What do you think of it?
Question 2 (represented as Q2): have you ever had a BF/GF in Pico? How many? How'd that/they go?
Question 3 (represented as Q3): Do you think Pico relationships are genuine and true, or do you think they're just used to mess around and have fun?
Question 4 (represented as Q4): Is their anything else you want to share about you thoughts on Pico's dating? Anything you'd like to say to Pico's trying to get a relationship (advice, warnings, tips)?
 Question 5 (represented as Q5): Do you think having a relationship on Pico interferes with having a realationship in real life? (Ex. Can you have a BF/GF in Pico and in real life?
I'm going to interview  Pico's, and I'm going to ask them all the same 4 questions. Here we go....


Q1 Answer: "I think its just for fun and [playing] around [with] and I don't think people should be upset if [they] break up."
Q3 Answer: "[It's] just like [messing] around, [not] actually real life."
Q4 Answer: "noope"
Q5 Answer: "nope, I don't think it would."

Q1 Answer: "I think it's pointless because you can't meet them in real, and I think it's stupid too because some are getting too serious, people are meeting on webcam."
Q2 Answer: "Yes, I had a few, and they didn't turn out too good."
Q3 Answer: "I think it's just used to mess around and I don't like dating on Pico anymore."
Q4 Answer: "you should never date, think before you do it cause you're just gonna end up heartbroken. :( and if you're gonna date someone online make sure you know the person's date of birth because you don't want to end up dating an old guy online, and NEVER EVER EVER give out personal information such as, where you live, what you wear, etc. unless you're 110% sure you know who you're talking too!"
Q5 Answer: " Yes, because it'd be like cheating, just because your on a game doesn't mean it's not cheating. And if your BF/GF in real finds out, they'll be MAD, trust  me!"


Q1 Answer: "stupid, because you're dating people you don't know and probably never will know!'"
Q2 Answer: "No, I refuse too!"
Q3 Answer: "people use them to mess around and have fun with."
Q4 Answer: "yes, why the heck would anyone want to do that?" 
Q5 Answer: "Yes, because you should only focus on having a relationship in real life, it's stupid to have a BF/GF you don't know."

Maya's Answer's: :D
Q1 Answer: "I don't really care as what to other Pico's are doing with themselves. I just want to make sure they keep themselves safe, clean, and having fun. So, if they want to have a BF/GF let them have it, no objections here. Personally, I'd save my love for the real world. ;D"
Q2 Answer: "I've had maybe, ohhh 2ish. None of them were worth noting and overall my Pico dating status is, single, and not mingling, but feel free to flirt!;D"
Q3 Answer: "Well, I feel that most relationships in Pico aren't very serious, and should stay like that. And, if you are going to have a REALLY serious relationship (such as webcamming, texting, e-mailing) make sure, PLEASE, that you REALLY know who you're with!" 
Q4 Answer: "My only advice in relationships inside Pico is to play safe, and have fun. And for real life relationships, don't try to force anything! Eventually the right person will come, so just be patient!"
Q5 Answer: Not nessecarily, As many people say, you don't ever REALLY meet in real life, so no. But, if you do meet your Pico BF/GF in real, then yes, it will interfere." 

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