Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Petition: Help Owrith get his account back

It's unfortunate that Ameba has a history for banning its paying customers in Pico. Why? Ameba's community managers are - in short - idiots. The latest victim of Ameba's stupidity is ۩۞¤Owяi†h¤۞۩.

Owrith, Berry and Timelordess jamming; © http://timelordess.wordpress.comHere's what happened:
Owrith has been banned from Pico since the week of May 20. He apparently purchased Facebook Credits through a special discounted offer. When he went to redeem those credits in Pico for AG his account was "temporarily suspended".

As a Facebook game app Ameba Pico must accept FB$ in exchange for in-game dollars (AmebaGold).

Sign a support petition to get Owrith back in Pico:

If you are a friend or a concerned member of the Pico gaming community, you will want to see an innocent man returned to this rightful place in Pico.

Photo of Owrith, Berry and Timelordess ©

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  1. its not banned all he had to do was pay pico back