Friday, July 20, 2012

Sorry for being a no-post

Recently, I haven't been posting.....anything, I've been on vacation! (which was very amazing!) So I got back on Pico after vacation and went to see one of my friends, and got some news I got pretty angry about. I really hate it when people are judged or labeled (labeled being called a name continuously because of one or more common factor in a person) by something like looks or wealth. The most known form of this is in Pico is when people call non ag users "noobs", but  a new 'label' has been issued. People are calling a certain type of style, my style, snooki's. Now, I don't take that lightly. Because, I know, that the title 'snooki' wasn't meant to be a good one. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with jersey shore, or snooki. It's the intention that the name has that ticks my ticker!! And for those of you who are confused on the style thing, I mean, the ninja suits, sunglasses, etc... here is a pic example

What people in Pico need to realize is that in some way, shape or form. Behind every avatar, there is a person. A person, who has feelings, and every word typed goes into a complex web of memories that, that person will not forget. and everyone word can trigger a reaction of reactions whether positive or negative, you have to have respect for people's emotions.

Every Pico has a heart and feelings. It shouldn't matter if someone dresses in Ag or if they dress in gummies, or if they have sunglasses on their eyes. IT'S JUST A WAY TO EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS! It's not to symbolize a division between avatars. Its a way to meet people, who have same interest as you, a way to show, I AM [MAYA] THIS IS WHO I AM! To allow people to accept and enjoy your presence!

So all that I ask is whether someone looks like this...


Or even this

Don't ever EVER EVER judge someone by their style. Hey! Style is just an accessory to your personality, and accessories can be added and subtracted to make or break an outfit to be just perfect.
Have a good summer all!

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