Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Hello Beautiful World!

Today let us learn some cool facts about our friends the dolphins. Lets start with a multiple choice quiz.
Let's see how much we know about them by answering the next five questions. 
After answering them you can find the answers HERE. No cheating :P

1. Do dolphins have teeth?
a) Yes
b) no
c) Some do

2. Can Dolphins see above water?
a) Yes
b) No

3. Do dolphins have hair?
a) yes
b) no
c) Some do

4. Do dolphins drink water?
a) Yes
b) No

5. Can dolphins see color?
a) Yes
b) No

Feel like feeding dolphins?
Here is a cool game for you
Inspired by the true story Dolphin Tale.

"In this changing world, it's harder than ever to find something extraordinary, 
but every once in a while a symbol of hope breaks through."
-Quote From The Film


How does a group of dolphin's make a decision?
¡uᴉoƆ ɹǝddᴉlℲ

What did Cinderella dolphin wear to to the ball?
¡sɹǝddᴉlℲ ssɐlפ


I found these two Youtube videos about our friends, the dolphin, 
and learned some very interesting facts about this beautiful mammals.


(Part 1)

(Part 2)

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