Thursday, February 12, 2015

HeLLo Again!


Is there anyone out there?


Come out from wherever you are.
This is Sweets*
and I am looking for my Picos.

It has been so long since I was last here, but I have noticed that many of you still visit Pico Perfect
Blog every day and that just brings such great joy to my heart.
Sometimes it is 30+ of you and others, over 100+ a day.
WOW!... right? ;)


You still are a beautiful part of my life and will be forever and I just hope that you are doing well.
It must had been so hard for you all when Ameba Pico shut its doors on us. But we must be thankful because at the end, that beautiful virtual world brought all of us so many happy days, great friends and beautiful memories that we will never forget.

I have always wonder where all my Picos have gone to.
I am sure most of you probably went to Pigg now, but how about the rest of you?
I am as many of you know still a Second Life resident.
Second Life is a beautiful virtual world if it is used in the right way.
If is not, it can be very dangerous and painful, not really for everyone.
But I'll be sharing with you more about this my Second Life in the near future. ;)

you should see how this place looks right now.
I am referring to our Pico Perfect Blog.
It is so dusty in here and I can hear the crickets having a party in the guest writers office.
OH! I can swear I just saw a rat running down the hall. She seemed scared and worried, probably she's is wondering if I'll be kicking her out since she had crashed our place.

Now I am entering my office.
Sorry, got caught in a spider web.
I can see from here on top of my desk all those beautiful messages you all would send me.
As I always said, they are worth gold to me ;)

So I see that I need to do a few things here....

1. Remove all spider webs.
2. Kick out all crickets, spiders, mouses, rats and any other crasher that made our blog their home
while I was gone.
3. Dust, vacuum, mop and scrub every inch of this place.
4. Open all windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in.
5. Put fresh flowers in every room. I want to see this place look like a garden.
6. Play music very loud, I want you all to be able to hear it from wherever you are.
(My list continues after the song)

7. Place in every room many jars full of every candy you can possible think of so for all my visitors
8. Change perhaps the layout of the blog. Maybe bigger pictures, I know everyone likes BIG pictures, I know I do ;)  DONE!
9. Change the name of the blog from Pico Perfect to Dear Sweets* DONE!
10. Start coming at least twice a week to write for you small stories and poems. Talk about music, movies, challenges and games.  Do inspirational articles and talk about other subjects that you all like and may be helpful to you. But most of all, I'll be here ready to help you with some advice if you have any problem. 

So you see my beautiful ones, I got my work cut up for me.
But there is no hurry.
I want to enjoy every step I take to bring back to life our blog.
And welcome everyone of you with open arms to our new DEAR SWEET*'S BLOG!

Love you all tons,

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