Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Letter of The HUH? Kind

                                          WHAT DID I DO????? :O

Seriously, when I opened my "Pico" mail yesterday and found a "not so nice" letter from our friend  KagE _кι∂α¢нι, I was like HUH???? You should had seen my mouth drop all the way to the floor in confusion. "Is this letter for real?" I kept asking myself while reading it over and over again. I could literally feel KagE _кι∂α¢нι anger.

Do not think for a minute that this is the first unfriendly letter I have received. Honestly, KagE _кι∂α¢нι's letter is nothing compare to other ones I sometimes find waiting for me in my room.

I rarely post any negative mail I get but I decided to do so this time because as soon as I finished reading
KagE _кι∂α¢нι's letter, I went to his room to talk to him and answer any questions he might had for me, but instead he gave me the boot without even giving me the chance to explain to him the reason for my visit.

--- You have moved to нιddєи Leaf Village 葉の戦士
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: U SEE I MESAGED U 2 MINS AGO
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: AND UR HERE
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: U R PICO ADICT
(23:06) Sweets*: Kage
(23:06) Sweets*: what is wrong with you?
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: I MDRESSEDL IEK TIHS
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: FOR A REASON
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: WHATS RONG WITH U
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: I HAVE OS MANY OF MY FRENDS
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: DEAD ADICTED
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: THEY GOT BRAINWASHED
(23:06) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: BECUZ OF UR PICO WORK
(23:06) Sweets*: then I guess u too
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: LITERALLY
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: WHATDID I DO
(23:07) Sweets*: u r here in Pico
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: DO
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: SO
(23:07) Sweets*: so u are addicted too
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: NO
(23:07) Sweets*: right?
(23:07) Sweets*: yes
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: I PALY ONCE A WHILE
(23:07) Sweets*: u r here
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: I CMAE ON 5 MINS AGO
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: RIGHT NOW I NMY TIME
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: ITS TEN O 7
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: WHOLE DAY
(23:07) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: UR SO MEAN
(23:08) Sweets*: ok
(23:08) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: U R SO CRUEL GETO UT
(23:08) Sweets*: have a wonderful day
(23:08)  .ι: DOTN ACT LAL NICE
(23:08) KagE _кι∂α¢нι: BIOCH
(23:08) Sweets*: bye

And after that KagE _кι∂α¢нι kicked me out of his room and I find myself once again seeing that so familiar gray screen.

Now I would like to answer KagE _кι∂α¢нι's letter...

Dear KagE _кι∂α¢нι, 

It is so sad for me to know that I have caused you to feel so angry. Maybe you are not familiar with my blog and what I write about. The message I always try to give out in most of my posts is of a positive, kind, and respectful matter. Never have I encouraged anyone to spend most, or all, of their time playing Pico. Neither do I ever encourage Picos to spend their money in the game. I always tell them that bigger is not always better and Ameba Gold items won't make them happier.

I also try to help as much as I can all my beloved Picos because that is what God wants us to do, to think of others and give them a hand when they need help. Pico may be just a game, but there are real people that need our help here. If I can help anyone, then my day hasn't been lived in vain.

If you would really know me, you would also be aware that I rarely come to Pico anymore which is very unfortunate since this is the place where I have felt so much love. I come maybe twice a week, stay for a few minutes each time, and then post something on the blog.

If your friends are spending too much time in Pico, I don't see why that would be my fault. It is your friends' parent's responsibility to monitor the time they are allowed to be in front of their computer. Being this the case, I suggest you talk to your friends' parents and tell them how you feel.  

Also, why so much anger KagE _кι∂α¢н? Life is beautiful and short and you should be enjoying it instead of wasting so much energy attacking me. But if unloading your frustration and anger on me helps you feel any better, then go ahead, I honestly don't mind. It is my way of helping you too. I respect you and your opinion but just try to calm down and maybe this way you'll be able to "rescue" your friends in a more beneficial way. I still wish you have a wonderful day and hopefully soon I'll be blessed with a friendly smile from you <3

God bless you always



    Erm. Uh. Okay. Ignore this if you want :P.

  2. Oh. You can't copy and paste that can you XD? Oh well ignore it the :P.

  3. I'm so proud of you, Sweets! I love how you don't show any piece of anger, or rage. I just love it.. You make me a better person. ;D
    (Don't worry, we're not brainwashed. Haha.)

  4. @hayley that is very rude. I'm on my iPod so I DID copy the link. Plus, sweets* will be seeing it. Please stop cyber bullying before you become one. Thanks :)
    @haylee your so nice :) I'll be sure to show sweets yur comment aswell :D

  5. You think I was cyber bullying just because you thought I was rude when I was just saying my opinions?

    Well okay then :D.

  6. heyyyy! i came from hayley's blog (WE COME IN PEACE *o*)~ HEY HAYLEY! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, SO FUNNY! BIG FAN (the spinny one. with the buttons.)

    btw i agree with hayley.

  7. hi Hayley :D! my friend (she commented with the name "ebbyone!") showed my ur blog a few minutes ago. i read some posts and i think ur so funny! i agree with what u said too hayley :D.

  8. he must have misunderstood some of your posts sweets* you really do say bigger does not mean the argument above. i must say that post was a bit i agree with gab on this but that's not important..anyways, WE LOVE YOU SWEETS!

  9. sweets you are so nice *o* no offense here but the comments by ebbyone! and sarah!!!!!:DDD seem like they were posted by hayley ♥ yum... :l they just don't seem real. sorry.

  10. yeah that sounds so much like her.. it obviously is her. but you shouldnt get mad at her because its not that rude.