Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squishy's Palace

Last week as I was visiting some rooms I discovered Hottie Totti's amazing garden!

Right away my "silly boy with the big heart" ![[ChOlo]]! came to mind. I called him over to join me for some fun time and like a flash he was there!

After joking around for a while we decided to get on the swings.

As I swang back and forth, I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and started to day dream away, but ![[ChOlo]]!, with his funny jokes, brought me back to reality again.

As we enterd Hottie Totti's second room, we found this beautiful waterfall. We both jumped in and soon we were joined by ![[ChOlo]]!'s friend Hopeful Light.

![[ChOlo]]! insisted that I got on the swing while he pushed me. We enjoyed the swing like five year olds; we had so much fun!

I proceeded to the third room. Now here is where our friend Hottie Totti sleeps and eats. I was starting to wonder if she sleeps under the stars like I do!

My dear ![[ChOlo]]!, thanks for the wonderful you!

UPDATE ON Hottie Tooti's ROOM OUR good friend has redecorated her room; It looks AMAZING!... please pay her a visit and be sure to ring her bell!

Hottie Tooti and Me

Her New Room

Beautiful rooms come in small sizes too.

The Light Of Jesus Room

A very cozy room!

Mah Simple Room
I can feel the love!

White Room

The perfect tiny park!

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