Monday, September 27, 2010

Gets Her Butt Kicked

I was having a peaceful day in my room playing with my pets (Picolly and Mr. Tickles) when....

...Suddenly adorable Ora18 appeared at my door eager to show me her new fighting skills.

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I joined her in what I thought would be a "pretend" demonstration.

It was a little too late when I realized little Ora18 meant buisness.

She chased me around the room; my poor pets were paralized with fear.

Soon she caught up to me and with a single kick...up in the air I went!

When she realized she had been a "little" too rough on poor me...she apologized.

Ora18 with her sweet smile just melted my heart again, even though she left me with a black eye.

BEWARE: If little Ora18 offers to demonstrate her Renkan-Ken skills to prepared for you might just get your butt kicked, like I did!!!

As seen On PicoStyle on August 14, 2010

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