Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Why the big smile? For a very good reason, I have recieved an amazing response from all my Pico Perfect fans. The turnout has been sooo wonderful. You are so generous with your compliments on my new blog. Love you all!

As I announced at the beginning of this month, I will be wearing only pink all this month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. These are a some of my pink outfits.

Begginers Plaza
High-Waist Balloon Dress 1,400 gummies
Vivienne's Shop (NYC Downtown)
Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes 1,500 gummies
Ka-lena's Shop (Sparkling ocean/ On the Island)
Hawaiian Hibiscus Hair Accessory 30 AG/ 1 Token

This is MY Good Girl Outfit

Vivienne's Shop (NYC Downtown)
Casual Lolita Pleaded Skirts 150 AG/ 1 Token
Lolita Doubled-Layer Big Bow hairdress 80 AG/ 1 Token
Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes 1,500 gummies
Pet Farm (New Zealand)
Lovely Bear Portable 150 AG/ Not Available With Token

Ooku Living Room (Edo- Time Travel)
Elegant Kimono "YOSHINO" 200 AG/ Not Available With Token
"Asahina Fan" 80 AG/ 1 Token


Some of my PINK Pico Friends
Thank you girls :D

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