Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hacker Alert

This week there has been much buzz (and rumor) about Pico hackers.

In one case, someone has, apparently, been cracking into the Hot 30 room list and manipulating the Favorite numbers - clearing the Favorite numbers of the top rooms to zero, zilch, nil, nada. Obviously, this has ticked people off. Many of the top Hot 30 rooms are now locked.

The second more insidious instance of whispered hacking can potentially affect more people. There's much talk about a Pico who is hacking rooms and accounts. Rumor has it that the person has the ability to somehow steal the Decor items set out in your room by simply entering your room. Scary, isn't it? It's also been said that the person can steal your clothing items by getting close to your Pico character.

How much if this is true and how much isn't, we are unsure, but we hope that you stay safe.

Over on her blog, Coffee Toffee suspects she knows who the hacker may be. Wanna know? Read more »

To keep yourself form being hacked, Coffee Toffee suggests that you:
  • Lock your room
  • Wear your newb Pico clothes that you wore when you first entered Pico
  • Do not tell anyone your email or password for your Pico account login
Hey, why not just get free and natural? Get down to your unmentionables!

We've also heard some speculation (from Ora18 on Picostyle) that the March 10 server maintenance will bump up security so that this type of hacking can no longer happen ... and possibly to sniff out hacking activity to reveal and ban the hacker.

What's fact and what's fiction? We don't know. But sacrificing a couple hours worth of props and getting back to clothing basics is no skin off your nose, as they say.

Ultimately, if you have 100% proof of this hacker or any other hacker - for example, the person directly tells you that they are the hacker and how they are doing it - report them to the Ameba Pico administrators using this handy form.

Keep safe.

The Pico Perfect Team

This has been cross-posted with permission at Picostyle.


  1. Thank you for the warning. I've warned my friends, linking to this blog. Hopefully everyone is gonna stay safe! :)

  2. Anonymous, we don't know if the threat is real or made up ... but we just wanted you all to know about it and be safe if it is true.

  3. irresponsible reporting... u just scaring more people than helping them... why not check your resources first before u make such a big noise.. im waiting if u will tell that u already reported it since u talk much and seems u know alot.. and share us what pico responses..
    more on hear say.. just give us the proof and solution not scaring people more.

  4. Anonymous #2, over 2 days several other blogs (including Angela Domo, Etoile Sisters, Music Lover Pico and Piconfetti) have posted about this room and clothes hacking.

    Is it a complete sham? Possibly. But here's a fact you can swallow: hacking in Pico is real. You can be safe by doing the bare minimum and keeping your Pico login a well-guarded secret. That's a solution.

    This post has encouraged people who know about hacking activity to report it. None of the other blogs we found have.

    This is not a newspaper, it's a blog and not a source for your daily dose of news. We don't claim to be reporters. If you want 100% irrefutable facts, subscribe to the official Pico blog and be happy. Better yet, walk down to your local news stand and buy the Washington Post or The New York Times and stop your griping.

    This post did not claim that the instances of hacking was the God's honest truth. We said it was rumored more than once, and that we don't know if it is what people are speculating is really true more than once.

    If you don't like what we write here, don't read it. Simple.

  5. whatever .. u r source of confusion that's it.
    the writer are all grown up.. unlike others are all kids.. be a good example..

  6. The only way confusion could happen would be if someone didn't read properly. They've stated more than once, even in the comments, that they're not 100% proven. Maybe the hacks are a hoax, maybe they aren't. But either way you can never be too safe.

  7. I just got hacked :O my friends say that my pico avatar went online picked up all items in my house and then left :( they witnessed it, but I am afraid of it coming again! Plz help - scared pico

  8. Anonymous #5, you need to report the situation to Ameba Pico. Use this contact form to let the administrators of Pico know what has happened. Hopefully, you can get your account back. Good luck!

  9. it's kinda weird such a friendly game they want to hack .

  10. Ran-Kun, these "hackers" ruin the fun and friendliness for everyone, unfortunately. And, yeah, it's stupid that they would hack such a kawaii cute game.

  11. Yeah , Pico is a place to make friends , idk why people wanna hack em . It's not like we're competing on stuff. Btw , nice post. Every pico should take precautions , either newbie or oldie. Haha.

    if u r her plz send me a letter n giv me mi accoun bck! plz ill giv u a different acc wit ag