Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Prince and the Pauper

Written by: ROM-eo™

We’ve all heard the story of The Prince and the Pauper, right? Well, if not I will explain the basic gist: a prince and a peasant switch clothes to shed the stresses of their own lives and see how it’s like living the other's life.

I have noticed that people are sort of mean to the "newbie" or "noob" Picos and I wanted to see what this treatment was like to get a better understanding.

Getting into my Closet I took off the more sophisticated clothing that I normally wear and put on a pair of grey pants that I used to wear in my own newbie days. I walked around Pico and went to events and let me just say, IT’S A TOUGH JOB BEING A NEWBIE. People
are disrespectful and rude; they ignore you and don’t want to be near you. In fact this
began to bring back memories from when I first started Pico.

I was kicked out of 14 events in 1 day just for being a newbie ... and that has never happened to me before. A majority of the time I would walk into the event and say hello and the owner would either say “Ew” or “GTFO” and then my screen would turn grey, letting me know I'd been kicked out of the room. I don’t understand why? Do you not like
my clothes? Why do you judge based on appearance? Why don’t you judge me by my personality and
take it from there?

Here is an example of what would happen when I would go into an event. I have a heart so I took her name out.
(08:11) ROM-eo™: hi
(08:11) ROM-eo™: how are you?
(08:11) נα∂є******: GET OUT
(08:11) ROM-eo™: ...
(08:11) נα∂є******: U POOR UGLY ASS
(08:11) ROM-eo™: why?
(08:11) ROM-eo™: =[
(08:11) ROM-eo™: is it because im ugly?
(08:11) נα∂є******: GET UR ASS OUTTA MA MOUSE
(08:11) נα∂є******: YES ITS CUZ UR UGLY
(08:12) ROM-eo™: why are you judging on my appearance though?
(08:12) ROM-eo™: =[
(08:12) ROM-eo™: i can't afford good clothes at the moment
(08:12) ROM-eo™: what if i put on a shirt, i have a gacha one
(08:13) נα∂є******: NO JUSTR GET OUT OF MY HOUSE
(08:13) ROM-eo™: oh, ok
(08:13) ROM-eo™: have a nice day
(08:13) נα∂є******: FU/ CK OFF GET OPUT
(08:13) ROM-eo™: wow.
When I would travel around on Pico people would either ignore me or insult me. I've never seen so many insults with the word "noob" in my Pico experience!

People, Pico is supposed to be a happy and friendly environment, not a hostile, shallow, and elitist environment. If you have to judge by appearance then maybe you shouldn't be allowed to socialize at all.

It's kind of funny because after I would get insulted, I would change into my normal attire and people would change their perspectives of me and want to be my friend. This proves that people are shallow.

I do not want to sound like a hypocrite; I get into arguments with people too, but it is never due to their appearance. I only act on how a person carries themselves and their personality. Looks do not matter to me and they shouldn't matter to you.

So, the lesson for today is to think twice before judging a person. You never know who that person could be. Learn to like and respect all Picos because they have feelings too. And, yes, even though newbies maybe naïve and annoying they still have feelings.

Remember, at some point you were a newbie too.

Read the full chat logs from ROM-eo™'s experience here.
Warning: Explicit language used. Not suitable for people under the age of 16.


  1. I like this post. Many pico users who buy AG always look down on newbies. I once asked the rich pico why,but they cant even tell why. they just hate newbies with no reason. i finally find a rich pico who doesnt hate newbies :D nice to meet u, im Kabe ♥

  2. I love this! Best post I have ever read in my life :O

  3. Well , i myself is an AG user .
    But i do talk to newbies .
    Well the difference between AG user and newbies is only their clothes .
    But i don't like desperate newbies . X(

  4. love this post. :3 but, when i tried it, most people were very friendly. they said hello, a few ignored me, one knew i wasn't new Dx

  5. I would like to add to my friends post that AG users are also discriminated against as well. I can not even begin to tell you how many fashion shows I have been kicked out of because I have AG clothing on. Or even how many times I will walk into a random travel spot or room and get called a "show-off" or "shallow". Judging the state of my spirit and being before they have even had a chance to meet me. Sadly it is a two way street of dis-respect on Pico. But people only cover the most obvious. So everyone remember to be kind to each other whether you are a newbie or long time Pico user. Gummy user or an AG user. We are all people sharing one Pico community. Let's make it a good one!

  6. I really like this post. Ever since the hacking, I dressed like a newbie and everything so I wouldn't be targeted by the hacker for AG. But people called me weird, poor, etc., when I have been a long-term AG user. Yes, people are mean. But maybe it is more of a sexist matter than an AG-ist matter. Most were perfectly fine with me even with my newbie clothes.

  7. This Is So True! Before I Got AmebaGold I Always Got Kicked! Even The Minute I Got There... Since I Was A Newbie And Didnt Know That Happens If The Screen Turned Grey, I Though It Was An Error. But Even Since I Got AmebaGold My Friends Act "Nicer" And Be More Pleasant. But I Said Why Are You SO NICE NOW, But Not Then. Sorry, You Hurt Me Once You Cant Hurt Me Twice And Deleted Them. I Guess It Was That Hurtful, Because There Needed To Get Told. Now I Have AmebaGold And Help People If They Are Discriminated. (: I LOVE THIS POST

  8. This is a very true thing people do on Pico, people who use AG do get kicked a little less out of events,and the Gummies users get kicked more often.Also the one time I wear gummies clothes.. I get treated like i'm a different person, so I really do appreciate the people who treat others with the same respect as everyone else. In fact I have about 10 friends who use gummies on my list, they are positivity happy theres someone who treats them as the same way as a AG user. I really do appreciate this post, Thank you.. ^.^

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  10. Hello,I am a AG user and when I had AG,one of my friend suddenly started talking to me again because I had AG.I don't think it's really fair to treat each other differently since we were all once gummy users

  11. AG User Here.
    When I was a noob, people treated me different.
    I got kicked outta rooms, and I had little friend requests, no one propped or rang me. :(
    But when I bought gold...
    I don't get kick outta rooms that often and I have many friend requests, alot of people ring & propped me, I don't even have to go to Ooku hallways for props & host ring back parties anymore.
    Life as a AG User is easier but don't ignore noobs, you were a noob once & their people too! :D
    Don't be shallow, don't judge a book by its cover ;)

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  14. wow ! I love your post very very much !
    so great

  15. I like this post.I have also experienced to be kicked out of their rooms FOR doing nothing and for just being a newbie...but everything was changed when i started using ameba gold and became the pico boy friend of a very popular pico..That popular pico is very nice to me even if im just a newbie.I'm so glad that I met her.

  16. I dressed like a newbie today everyone is staying away from me and calling me a noob..they kept on ignoring me.. you are right people are shallow..thats why i don't want to socialize with other picos except my friends

  17. Hi Guys ~ In my Newbie Life, They do not kick me ... -.- but when i got a gold i go and then go and do nothing... They always kick me out but i was just silent and quite i stay just front of the door and then they kicked me so fast with - in 5 sec and when i go to newbies room they treated me like something/someone special so i wanna be friends with noobs

  18. I love your blog! This post was my favorite(: It made me laugh at how some people can be so rude! I'm considered "rich" on Pico but I never treat the unrich rudely! I don't even like calling them the "N" word. Whenever an unrich cries because they are told they are ugly, I tell them that they are not ugly and tears are not worth it. I also like to help Pico newcomers. I enjoy helping others because it makes them and me happy. It puts a smile on my face when others tell me I'm nice or thanks for helping. I hope this blog has reached out to some of those who it's referring to(;

  19. when i was a newbie..i use to hang out with some people that is also a newbie or people that already in pico for several months but they aren't rich they're just normal( not really rich but not poor like newbies that just got into pico )however, when i go to events i DO got kicked a lot. now, i still got no AG because i can't afford ( it's too expensive in my country) but i have some stuff that make me look a bit rich .then i got kicked out of rooms less than when i was a newbie..even i won some fashion shows

  20. I did this and I was really dumb and acted like i didn't know what a prop and ring and stuff were and i got in places for free!