Thursday, March 10, 2011

Types Of Picos

Written by: Vegemite

Hey all, Vegemite here!

Have you met a few Picos who you might find ... rather odd? Well, if so, I have too and I would like to show you different types of Picos that you might trust or that you might not trust at all.

The Friendly Pico

Friendly Picos are known to be very nice and offer you food, to play a game, etc.

Be nice back, that would help A LOT and it would allow you to make friends.

The Mean Pico

Now, mean Picos can be really rude sometimes. And if they offend you, it does hurt. Try not to let them get to you.

If they are rude, you know it's not true. You are who you are, not who somebody says you are.

The Hacker Pico

Now, we get to the worst: the hacker. If somebody says to you, "Do you want me to get you Gold?" or anything like that, say NO.

Do not give ANYBODY your details, not even your best Pico friend. Be very careful with who you trust.

I hope you have learnt who to trust and who not to trust, because these things are important. Dont believe in fake Picos, because there are fake Captain Thomas, Chloes and Happy Olivers all over Pico ... and maybe someone could pretend to be YOU.

Stay safe Picos!

Kind Regards,


  1. so which type of pico are you ? :D

  2. Hmm,well I would place myself as The Friendly Pico, but it depends on peoples points of views.