Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cute Picos Wall #2

Age: n/a
Country: California, United States
Joined Pico: July 2010
About Me: “I like to do karate, I am a green belt... I swim I guess my talent is meeting new people. Not much to say about me really :)”
My Pico Life: “I like Pico alot :) My favorite thing to do is search through events and decorating my house! :D My absolute favorite place to be in Pico is...The Statue of Liberty because it is so cute :) Um… I really don’t have anything that I don’t like in Pico! Any way thanks for taking this letter sweet_mom!!”
sweet_mom's Comments: Good luck with your Karate :D

Age Group: 13-19
Country: United States
Joined Pico: June 2010
About Me: "When I am bored, I sing (really badly) with my older sister Hayley, and boss my annoying cousin around. I . I am really good at fake sleeping, but I always do fall asleep while I’m faking it. My favorite color is purple...Oh and I’m really lazy."
My Pico Life: "I like to decorate my room and stuff. My favorite place to visit is the Pet Farm because all the pets are so CUTE!
What I don’t like about Pico is it’s to slow, or maybe because my computer is slow….but whatever!"
sweet_mom's Comments: Brittzy has an awesome blog called “”, make sure you visit it!

Age: 19 years old
Country: Mexico
Joined Pico: April 2010
About Me: I practice regional dance, also I like to draw, to read, singing, watch TV, surfing on the net, go out with my friends and meet new people and new places, I like to travel too. I like Japanese music, I think this kind of music is one of the best, I recommend it to all people. I like anime and Manga too, one of my hobbies are to do cosplay for anime conventions, its the best !!!
My Pico Life: Well I like Pico so much, I think it’s a lot of fun to meet people from other places. I like to visit my friends from other countries and know about their language and customs. I like to buy things to my ameba Pico. There are many places I like to visit, but some of my favorites are, Shibuya, Egypt, Caribbean seaport. The restaurants are also very good, I love PICO´S FOOD. There’s really anything I don’t like about Pico!
sweet_mom's Comments: Thank you Amiga (friend) for your friendship!

Age: 21 years old
Country: Manila, Philippines
Joined Pico: July 2010
About Me: “I’m fond of watching movies. I prefer Sci-Fi and action but any will do as long as its interesting. I love music.. right now I’m playing Never say never by the Fray on my ipod over and over…I’ m not working, still studying will be graduating this October in Information Technology.”
My Pico Life: ”I like playing Pico because it’s interactive unlike the other games that you will wait for time and will do the same thing over and over again. What I don’t like in Pico its rude people. Sometimes I wish Picos could punch, hahahaha!”
sweet_mom's Comments: @Mikel thank you for always being so polite.

Thank you to this week's "cute Picos".

Cute Picos Wall is by request only.


  1. Where am I? no just joking! Nice blog sweet_mom!

  2. Oh my gosh! Congrats Britt! :D
    Your blog looks great, Sweet_Mom!

  3. Wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i´m there i´m there hahaha thanks a lot, you are a wonderful friend i love you so much dear ^^

    the blog is so cool *w* i loved it