Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cute Picos Wall #3

Age: Not tellin ;)
Country: U.S.A.
Joined Pico: September 2010
About Me: What I like to do for fun: I like to listen to music, especially the pop they play on the radio, play pico and hang out with my friends. Talents: I like to sing, play guitar, play piano and act.
My Pico Life: My favorite place in Pico is the American Diner, because even though it's crowded, it's small and comfy, and you can have great conversation there. It's not necessarily what I don't like, but what I think could be added My gf and I were actually saying they should create a design-your-own pico clothing section, where you can design your own clothing for your pico.
sweet_mom's Comments: Thanks -fReNcH fRiEs- :D

Age: 13 years old
Country: U.S.A.
Joined Pico: June 2010
About Me: I like to listen to classic rock, my favorite band is Kiss and Ace Frehley is my favorite guitar player. I am saving for a Les Paul guitar. I like to watch action movies . My favorite class in school is Theater Arts. On my spare time I like to play with my Xbox 360 but most of the time I read. I love reading.
My Pico Life: What I like about Pico is attending events. It gives me the chance to meet new people and make a lot of friends. I like traveling especially to Time Travel Era. My favorite thing about Pico is that my mom (sweet_mom) shares this game with me. Oh and I love all my friends.
sweet_mom's Comments: This is my son, My little guy....LOVE YOU JOSH!

Age: 13 years old
Country: U.S.A.
Joined Pico: July 19, 2010
About Me: I like to dance, and hang with my friends. I have a big sisiter named Alex, and have a dog named Neo and a cat named Anya. I'm really ambitious and my favorite color is orange.
My Pico Life: My favorite thing about Pico is the amazing places you get to see, like Japan and Hawaii. I also love the animals, but I don't have any gold
-sad face-. But all-in-all Pico is an amazing game!
sweet_mom's Comments: My good friend Nickolas Z is a real sweetheart XOXOX

Age: 13 years old
Country: United States
Joined Pico: September 20, 2010
About Me: I want to spread the love of Silly Bandz. I am just another normal kid who collects Silly Bandz. Although people have their opinions I'm okay with it. I also want to introduce Silly Bandz to those who don't know about them.
My Pico Life: I love how you can socialize with people from different places around the world. Meeting new friends everyday is fun! I also love the shops because you can buy things for your Pico.
sweet_mom's Comments: Sorry, couldn't get hold of him for his picture :(

Thank you to this week's "cute Picos".

Cute Picos Wall is by request only.

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