Friday, October 8, 2010


As you all know by now I have two pets, Picolly (my red turtle) and Mr. Tickles (my blue Boston Terrier).

After I posted on Sunday about Mr. Tickles learning a new trick (how to stand up), Picolly didn't want to stay behind. So on Monday she surprised me with HER new trick (circular motion) meaning she gets in her shell and spins around... its soooo cute!

Picolly was the first pet I adopted from the Pet Farm back in July 1, 2010. I had wanted a pet turtle since before they were available here in Pico. I had seen them in Pigg and I knew they would eventually bring them over to us. It was just a matter of waiting.

Catero says that Picolly always has a gloomy face, but its because he has never seen Picolly's beautiful smile. She sometimes smiles back at me after she's done one of her cute tricks.

Picolly already new six other tricks, of course all of them so cute, she makes me so proud!

Picolly is very affectionate with me unlike Mr. Tickles who is always very playful. She often snuggles up to me on her own and will stay untill we both fall asleep.

I love both my pets very much though sometimes they drive me a bit nuts, especially when Mr. Tickles plays too rough with Picolly. When he gets in the playful mood, there's no way of keeping him away from my poor turtle.

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  1. How cute! :D I'm going to get more pets soon, too. Congrats on all those tricks!