Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Extras

Hello my Scary-Picos, this Saturday I bring you Halloween jokes....enjoy!

Mika(ka) and Akio(・ω・)o

Q. What is a Mummie's favorite type of music? A. Wrap!

Q. What's a monster's favorite bean? A. A human bean.

Q. What do you call a witch who lives at the beach? A. A sand-witch.

Q. Why did the ghost go into the bar? A. For the Boos.

Q. What is a vamire's favorite fruit? A: A necktarine

andress and Kithy Kei♥

Q. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party? A. He had no body to dance with.

Q. What tops off a ghost's ice cream sundae? A. Whipped scream.

Q. What are ghosts' favorite kind of streets? A. Dead ends

Q. Why did the skeleton go disco dancing? A. to see the boogy man.

>_< sadgal

Q. What do you call a little monsters parents A. mummy and deady

Q. What's it like to be kissed by a vampire? A. It's a pain in the neck.

Q. What is a vampires least favorite food? A.Steak

Q. What's a monsters favorite desert? A. I-Scream!

I want to thank my friends and fans that have been leaving me Halloween balloons and candles. My room looks amazing thanks to you <3

And I leave you with a sweet treat... A slice of cake with two cherries on top..... mmmmmm!

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