Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick Or Treat Park

Monday when I logged in, I noticed they had opened a new park for Halloween and I just couldn't wait to go and check it out. Exploring new places is one of my passions here in Pico, and being able to share them with you is even better.

Immediately as I arrived I noticed a black building which resembles a big Pico eating monster! Though its entrance is a big open mouth that seems to be ready to devour anyone who dares go in, curiousity still overpowered me and I decided to take a chance. Luckily inside there was no danger whatsoever and instead saw many Picos dancing to Michael Jackson's song Thriller.

Next to the Pico Eating Building is what I called The Jack-O-Lantern Building. This building is in the shape of a square Jack-O-Lantern and its entrance greets its visitors with a beautiful fireplace located right in the front of it decorated with Halloween candles.

The park grounds offer its visitors with tables where you can sit and share scary stories with other Picos. It would have been nice if the had included a pumpkin patch though. The chairs are Jack-O-Lanterns and the trees and bushes are decorated with Halloween light which makes this park spooky fun!

I decided at this point to rest for a few minutes before continuing with my exploration and hoping to find Halloween creatures with glowing eyes and other frightening ghouls.

As I was resting at one of the tables, my good friend あゆボイ 「AYUBOY 」 joined me and shared with me some of her sweet Halloween treats. I just looooove it when friendly Picos feed me, if it wasn't for them I would starve... LOL.... thank you so much あゆボイ「AYUBOY」:D

The black path way in the middle of the park is stunning. Elegant golden candelabras adorn both sides of it. This would be the perfect place to hold a costume contest or even a costume parade.

Luckily you have the chance to visit the top of both buildings. From up there the view will leave you ghoulishly bewitched with the panorama.

Unfortunately on the top of The Jack-O-Lantern building I bumped into someone that hates me so much, "GACHA". I just don't understand it, I always give it all my hard earned gummies and in returned it only gives me senseless items that right away go to the recyling bin. Why? just tell me why you hate me so much :(

After experiencing some drama with Gacha and not getting a straight answer out of it, I decided to leave for the day but not before taking a final picture to share with you. The whole experience was a blast!

This spooky season gives us the chance to dress as someone or something that we could never pull of any other time of the year and eating all the sweets is well justified. Always remember to be safe!

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  1. My birthday is in October! ^_^ On Tuesday, actually!
    This is another great post. I'm trying to get that bat headband!