Monday, October 11, 2010


Meet Yopi..,She is brand new (just out of the oven).

I figure she was a new member due to the outfit she is wearing. Remember the cute skirts and tops Pico so kindly provides for us when we are born to this Pico world!

Once I clicked on her profile I also noticed she had BUDDIES (0) and PICO PROPS (1), which is the one I just gave her.

Now here comes the part that I so much enjoy doing and really hope you will do too.

Everytime I noticed a new Pico member, I love going to their room to ring their bell.

Usually their rooms look like this at first..... REMEMBER??? We all went through that.

So I always leave them balloon/balloons depending how my Pico pocket is at the time. Balloons will cheer them up for sure, They did it for me when on my first day here in Pico a very nice lady left me two red balloons. I was so grateful... I just wish I could remember her name.

And than I go to their Message Board that usually looks like this when you are new.

I always like to leave them a welcome message. It only takes a few seconds out of my time but it might just make their day, and that's what is all about, to make them feel WELCOMED!!!

Today when I went back to ring her bell I noticed she is doing much better. Her room is looking really good :D

So my dear Picos, next time you noticed a new member, please take a few seconds of your time and make them feel welcomed... It will give you a very gratifying feeling but most important it will make their day!!!