Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Beautiful Sunday, Let's go out there and make a newbie Pico feel welcomed =D

My Pico of the day is ★紫紗☆姫系★!

My beautiful friend ★紫紗☆姫系★ from fiinpicoland is absolutely the BEST! It is funny how we keep bumping into each other ALL THE TIME, I am starting to see her even in my soup... LOL :P
I looove her fashion style, if they would hold a contest on best dressed Pico, she would probably win. "Love you my little monster"

Now who is this handsome Pico with those gorgeous eyes? It's no other than our friend frans_exe from Indonesia... isn't he breathtaking ;) If you drop by to ring his bell, leave him GREEN balloons to match his room.

You see here our friend Cat threatening to eat your "BRAINZ".... well, you have nothing to worry. She is as sweet as a mouthful of cotton candy. RAWR!

Our friend Lucy Martens forgot her shoes :( HEY! maybe that is why she is waaaay cool. The coolness is coming from her feet and also she is a GREAT Hula dancer =)

And finally we have this group of friends that I met at the Football Field.
Let's just say that everyone there was having fun UNTIL a little someone came by and try to ruin the day for us. Luckily all my girls were AMAZING in how they handled the unfortunate situation.

I just don't understand how some UNHAPPY Picos are cruel towards other Picos without even being provoked.... it's just so sad :(

The little unhappy Pico is sitting with us >:( cottagecheese1, kawaiikayla, mersya, shawtybossy and Wrist's Wifey , I am very proud of you.

I didn't list the name of one of this girls... I wonder why >:(

(I am VERY sorry but I totally missed getting one of my good friends name)

Til next time, don't forget to make a newbie feel welcome ;D