Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

(Photo Taken In paedoubleu's Room)

sweet_mom says... Don't just love forever.... LOVE BEYOND FOREVER 

My Pico of the day is emphing!

It is always a GREAT JOY to bump into my Cutie Picotutie emphing. He always makes me feel like I am the greatest person he has seen all day, but the truth is, he is AMAZINGLY sweet that he has that effect on everyone that crosses his path. "LoVe YoU"! 

I think I see dead people... no wait, its just Quy Qucong. But please don't let her appearance scare you, I seriously see and feel in her more like an ANGEL than anything else ◕‿◕

"Where did you leave your wings  ナメコジ? Aren't you  LOVE'S CUPID
Do you have any idea how hard you hit me in the heart.... I SUPER love all my Picos

OMG... ~Hinamori Amu~is one of the GREATEST Picos EVER. She is the nicest, sweetest and friendliest person anyone can meet. STAY BEAUTIFUL

 ѕмяи♡ is  sooo precious and sweet. Her smile and especially her ANGELIC PERSONALITY will melt even the hardest heart. It was a great pleasure to meet her... "Love you sweetie "

Saw my girl  ekin-  at Park Pond and we just went ČrÄž. She is truly a bundle of fun and joy. We even learned how to fly ;) ... LOL!   

"Sid Vicious! , so you think you can beat me? You and what army? Don't think that your chocolately beautiful eyes are going to weaken me... show me what you got :P

Our girl kinoko looks spectacular even as a CLOWN. She is wearing the spring sleek top hat, Military Mods Coat, red mask, shoes and neck bow, BUT she forgot to put some clothes on :O  LOL, you silly :)

Finally.... ♬♪"WHO IS THAT LADY, SEXY LADY"♪♬ (The Isley Brothers).... that lady is no other than namn. Our beautiful friend wasn't impressed even the slightest with my high cheerleading jump :(

Til next time..... LOVEloveLOVE... for LOVE IS THE GREATEST!

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