Monday, November 22, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

YAY! It's Monday! The beginning of a new week. We are very fortunate to be granted sooo many new opportunities by GOD to start things fresh in whatever we choose to do.
Today, Monday, I choose to begin  εїзA NEW MORE BEAUTIFUL LIFEεїз where I will learn to appreciate even more the beauty in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. From my lips (in this case, my writing) I choose to be more careful in what I write, for my intentions are NEVER to hurt ANYONE. I only want to bring positive, happy and encouraging things for you.

Today, I ask that you GIVE a BIG HUG to someone VERY special... YOURSELVES.... and don't forget that pat on the back too  

My Pico of the day is kakek ganteng!

kakek ganteng is our Pico's GRANDPA, and he is SUPER SWEET I met him at an event he had a in his room and immediately I felt "those" tickles in my heart for he seemed ADORABLE. And I wasn't wrong... He is not onle very kind and sweet but he can also be VERY charming to the ladies ;)

My good friend Kaito Kato is another very friendly Pico. I met him a while back but we had lost touch with each other. He almost didn't recognize me when I bumped into him again. Who can blame him, I keep changing my hair EVERYDAY now. My dear friend and I have MANY things in common. He loooves THE BEATLES and so do I. He loooves LADY GAGA and so do I. He is from MEXICO and I LOOOVE MEXICO... LOL.

Good younummsayin wants me to make it clear that he is no CHARLIE CHAPLIN. But doesn't he looks sooo much like him? He even dances and talks like him.... LOL.... just kidding ;) One thing is for sure about my new friend, He is very POLITE and FRIENDLY and if you visit his room be prepared to be squashed by a giant __?__, Hey, you gotta go and see it for yourselves.

King/Vamp ass was here has to be the coolest looking king I have ever met. I wonder if all Canadian kings are as great and friendly as he is. The only problem I had with him was I wanted his crown since I didn't get mine like I was hoping to get this past Sunday and he said NO :(  He advised me to marry a king to get THE CROWN.... naah, I'll just keep saving my Casino Money for one ;)

Finally my beautiful friends Im his<3 and Gabriela108 personally invited me to a POOL EVENTthey were having. They made me feel VERY special when I got there. We had alot of fun, unfortunately I couldn't stay long due to my busy schedule which they so kindly understood... LoVe YoU  and thanks for the invitation ☆彡

Til tomorrow, don't forget "THAT" hug and spread some Love around

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  1. OMG !! I feel so blue xD thanks for taking me into account and put a small part of me in your blog. :D

    And sorry for sometimes not recognize is that I am very forgetful :D

    But I never forget a good person ;D