Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Special Shout Out

                                          「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」

                                                 ƒüя єʟιѕє™

This very special SHOUT OUT goes to 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」and ƒüя єʟιѕє™ for being so sweet and kind.

I met these two beautiful Picos while visiting HՁO's room to see the Eiffel Tower. They are kind and friendly. Picos like them make our Pico world a beautiful place to be in. If you happen to bump into them, make sure you give them props and ring their rooms for me.

Here is the chat of our meeting. You will notice that as always, I didn't say much but I know you all know by now how nervous and overwhelmed I get when I get so much attention from our readers. I am just a normal Pico like anyone else, but I truly appreciate your love and support, but especially your understanding of my shyness :)

(16:18) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: o.o
(16:18) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: -hands start to shake-
(16:18) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: sweet_mom O.O
(16:18) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: -twitches-
(16:18) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: o.o
(16:19) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: can.. i...i ha...ave...yo..yo..your.....aoutttt....ttt...ogr....a...a.
(16:19) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:20) Hieroglyph: she is afk
(16:21) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: :(
(16:21) Hieroglyph: sweets
(16:21) Sweets*: hi
(16:21) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O,O
(16:21) Hieroglyph: LOL
(16:21) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: :D
(16:21) Sweets*: how r u sweetie
(16:21) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : O.O
(16:21) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:21) Hieroglyph: take a photo together
(16:21) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: -faints-
(16:21) Sweets*: lol
(16:21) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : LOL
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: im up o.o
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : Sweets...
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: i LOVE your blog
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : I LOVE ur room
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : O.O
(16:22) Sweets*: lol
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: yush
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : but seriously.
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: me and my friend loev your room!
(16:22) Sweets*: lol
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : i do love her room.
(16:22) Sweets*: thank you
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : its like.
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: and your wardrobe
(16:22) Sweets*: :)
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : AMAZING o.o
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : (:
(16:22) Sweets*: lol
(16:22) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : xD
(16:22) Sweets*: TY
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: im even on your blog rigth now!
(16:22) Sweets*: yay
(16:22) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: o.o
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : breath.
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : LMFAO
(16:23) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:23) Sweets*: plz come
(16:23) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: i got a props from you O.O
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : XDD
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : OMG MICHELLE.
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : calm down.
(16:23) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : LMFAO
(16:23) Sweets*: 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」
(16:23) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:23) Sweets*: come
(16:23) єαѕтєя вυηηу: like pickles
(16:23) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : lool
(16:23) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: o.o
(16:24) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : lool
(16:24) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:24) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : OMG
(16:24) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : I WANNA BE IN UR BLOG xD
(16:24) Sweets*: lol
(16:24) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: -almost faints-
(16:24) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:24) Sweets*: got our picture
(16:24) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: O.O
(16:24) Sweets*: lol
(16:24) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: ive been reading your blog... forever!
(16:24) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: o.o
(16:25) Sweets*: awww thank you
(16:25) Sweets*: i gtg
(16:25) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : O.O
(16:25) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: o.o
(16:25) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: ok thank you so much O.O
(16:25) Sweets*: nice meeting you
(16:25) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: you too
(16:25) Sweets*: take care
(16:25) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: thanks you too
(16:25) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : aww >:D
(16:25) Sweets*: bye
(16:25) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: :D
(16:25) ƒüя єʟιѕє™ : (:
(16:25) 「ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」: bye

UPDATE: Our friend ρєαя ρυƒƒѕ」changed her name to 「ѕмєχι ωჃℓє」


  1. :o Those are my besties! ;D Please check out my blog; www.picocrazed-picocrazed.blogspot.com

  2. Hey! The Eiffel Tower in that room sounds AWESOME! And I wanna go there and ring the owner and all, but I can't copy and paste the name...could you do anything about that, please??

  3. Dear Anonymous, you can easily find this room in the "Hot 30" rooms. It is the first one on the list as this moment :)