Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucky In Green

As we all know "GACHA" can be very cruel to most of us. We learned to fear it with time, mostly because of ALL those times it has laughed at us by coughing out sucky prizes that are either of no use to us or coughing out the SAME prize over and over again six times in a row.

However, it seems that the launch of Supermarket Gacha was very generous to many lucky Picos. Catero and I went an investigated some RUMORS circulating around saying that there had been a glitch with the SUPERMARKET Gachas where reportedly many Picos had the chance of a lifetime - to play Premium Gacha, normally 50 AG, for merely 10 Gummies a spin!!! Where was I?

After deeper investigation, Catero and I came to the conclusion that this GACHA MIRACLE was a GREEN one. We strongly believe this happened ONLY for those who played the Green Supermarket Gacha. Obviously this green generous Gacha has been removed by the Ameba Pico management, only leaving the regular-priced blue and pink Gachas behind.

If you were one of the lucky Picos to have taken advantage of the GREEN GACHA MIRACLE, congratulations to you!

TraceyLPY from New Zealand was one of lucky ones. I met her at an event and decided to go ring her room , she followed me and this is what happened...

--- You have moved to My efffing Superrrmarket!!!
(21:42) TraceyLPY: welcome
(21:42) sweet_mom: wow
(21:42) sweet_mom: lol
(21:42) sweet_mom: amazing
(21:42) sweet_mom: great job
(21:42) TraceyLPY: all these for gummies
(21:42) sweet_mom: wow
(21:42) sweet_mom: you got everything
(21:42) TraceyLPY: there was a glitch
(21:42) sweet_mom: with gummies
(21:42) TraceyLPY: yes
(21:42) sweet_mom: omg
(21:43) TraceyLPY: 10 gummies each
(21:43) TraceyLPY: yes
(21:43) sweet_mom: that is wonderful
(21:43) sweet_mom: EVERYTHING
(21:43) sweet_mom: REALLY?

(21:43) TraceyLPY: uh huh
(21:43) sweet_mom: wow
(21:43) TraceyLPY: but now the green premium gacha is gone
(21:43) sweet_mom: oh
(21:43) TraceyLPY: yup
(21:43) sweet_mom: omg its amazing
(21:43) TraceyLPY: Its $10.50!
(21:43) TraceyLPY: can you be my friend?
(21:43) sweet_mom: awww
(21:44) sweet_mom: my buddy list is full
(21:44) sweet_mom: :(
(21:44) sweet_mom: lets take a picture
(21:44) TraceyLPY: okay
(21:46) sweet_mom: thank you

[SEO][ZHEL]#.1 from Republic of Moldova was another very LUCKY GREEN Pico. When my friend ۞¤Owяi†h¤۞ from the USA alerted us about "this room in the records of most stuff" as he put it, Catero and I immediately suspected another "LUCKY GREEN WINNER".

Our suspecious were confirmed once I witnessed the fact that the room was taken over by tons of GREEN Supermarket items. Yet not completely satisfied by the proof before my eyes, I went ahead and asked the owner of the room, that luckely was there at the time, if she too had been one of the "LUCKY ONES". With a big smile she immediately answered ... "YES!!!

Green supermarket rooms of вαвѕy™ (left) and ☆。uyiee。☆ (right); click to enlarge

It seems like so many people benefited from this short-lived and temporary glitch. While North America was sleeping after February 17th's server maintenance, Picos on the other side of the world were checking out to killer sales!

All this hullabaloo may cause those of us who were left out to become green with envy.


  1. Hi,sweet_mom and Catero,do you guys like the "I'm your sweet heart dress" OR "special heart girl dress?"

  2. GACHA IS EVILLLLLLL!!! I played the gothic gacha and I keep getting the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHHHHHH!!!

  3. @ Coffee Toffee, I'm not sure which dresses those are ... but if they are red sweet_mom loves them and probably has them (she loves the colour red).

    @ sammie, it definitely can be.