Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Sweets*

     Hi everyone!!! I am so happy, I just got my first new Second Life home :))))
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So I am checking my messages and letters and find one that really upsets me very much. I will keep the name of the sender anonymous since this could be a letter from a child that has no idea whatsoever how "not cool"  it is to write something like this. This is a chain letter of very poor taste. I absolutely dislike chain letters and I never take them serious. However this one really turned my guts around.

"f you love your mom then post this to 20people a girl ignored this and her mom died 1year later"

First of all, you don't use someone's life for little games like this. We should respect people's life and not take them in vain to entertain ourselves.

Second, this kind of chain letters are ridiculous and a waste of time, so please I would appreciate you stop sending me these type of letters since I am not superstitious and I do not believe in them.

And third, you seem to have a very good imagination. Use it wisely and write something positive, for example, short stories or poems. 

Life and health are very precious gifts that we all should respect. Please don't play around with these things. I have seen so many events where the host claims to be suffering from a fatal disease like cancer and he/she needs your rings and props to get better.

I ask you that you show some respect and consideration for all those people out there that have lost a loved someone or are going through an illness. Don't take these things so lightly and for your entertainment. This is no joke!


  1. It is true my friends mom died and I went to her funeral just do it

  2. Even though I believe in these kind of messages your friends mom didn't die because of that, there are millions of reasons why people die.

  3. I-I-I-It's Real? People have been telling me that they're parent's have been dying. They keep freaking me out :[

    So i use up 2 hours of my day sending them to everyone :[

  4. i don't think so..people's parents died because of a cause and it's just a coincidence that their parents died after they received that...

  5. *died because of a reason

  6. i read this a long time a go and nothing happened yet. don't worry if you get one of these