Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why judge?

Written By: Vegemite 

I don't understand. People, even picos, are so judgemental these days... The selfishness of these fellows are rising. They judge how we look, what we are wearing, etc. I just can't believe the disrespect of these people. Whether it's in Pico, or real life, it still hurts.

"If they say I'm a very, very bad person, do they think that they're better than me? Nobody's perfect. "
- KITTY GALORE! Ameba Pico player.

Pico players come up to me saying: "Ew! Your ugly!" and similar various things like that. But in my point of view, I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful just the way I am no matter what people say to me. And that goes for everybody who feels the same way I do. You are a beautiful person. Don't let anybody change your opinion towards that.

"They judge you for who you are. It makes me sad because they don't like me for who I am."
- ☞мαηα νίиςє☜  Ameba Pico player.

This matter does affect schools all over, causing children and teenagers to suffer from depression.
But the simple issue is that everybody is beautiful. Not everybody may look beautiful, but inside... they truly are <3
So when you see somebody wearing an "ugly outfit" don't say anything. Just stop and think how beautiful they really are. Before somebody says that your wearing an ugly outfit... stop and think.

 When people judge your looks, your anything, don't believe them. You are beautiful and don't deny it.


  1. yah yah the authors right..we should not judge people in their mine..they say my mouth in pico is suitable to hang pots,kettles,etc.. and everytime i wear my chinese wig,they say i look like crazy... idk wats gotten into them..idk wat they think of themselves..they should have check out first themselves..urghh... =_=

  2. People also say it to me, they always say "You're so ugly!" .. ahhhhhhhhh. i just. go quiet.

  3. Amazing Post Veggy! it's a very true fact that this always happens.. thats why i'm changing my look more often.. people need to understand that they are all truley amazing!

  4. Thanks so much Krissy!
    I would like to note that think about how upset you get when people tease you in pico, now think how people feel in real life. I just absolutly dislike those judgemental people.
    Love you Krissy <3

  5. Yep! exactly what was goin through my brain! I also don't like how people would just assume that you're this or that just bec of how your pico looks. People should just stop sayin "Oh I thought you're Japanese bec you're *insert some praises here*" or "You must be Indonesian or Filipino bec you're *insert some insult here*". Even the simple "YOU'RE VWERY UWGLY" message send by a random 9 year old kid is hurtful. I mean, come on, we are all just an avatar of ourselves! How could they know who we really are in real life?

  6. Honestly, I am getting so sick of seeing a post about respecting others. We all get it, we need to be nicer to others. The first time a post about this was made, I enjoyed it. Now all you guys do is keep bringing up the same stuff over and over and over. It is beginning to be boring a tedious. And, no I am not the first to think this.

  7. Anonymous, is expressing my feelings wrong?
    No, it's not. And if thats want I want to do, I will.
    I don't care what rude comments people say about my post, because you know what?
    You can't just find the bad in every post, you can just think: not every post is perfect; nobody is perfect.
    I think your making people post about this more often so you can respect the effort that people to put in to post something.