Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot or Not? That is the Question

Written by: ROM-eo™

For some time now Picos have either thrown “Hot or Not” events or have participated in them. The object of these events is to be rated on your Pico’s appearance. Not only are these events shallow, but they are dumb.

What is the point of these events? To find out if your good looking or not? Would you really value the judgment of another person over your own judgment of yourself?

If you haven’t been to one of these “Hot or Not” events I'll give you the basic idea of it:
  1. You walk into the room.
  2. You are told to line up
  3. You wait patiently in line for your turn
  4. You step up to the judge(s) and they then rate you ("hot", "not", "pretty", "ugly", or rating you from 1-10 in terms of your appearance, etc.)
  5. If you are "hot" in their opinion you pass on, but if are "not" you are kicked or ignored
Sometimes, the room is set up with a special area only for the Picos that are “good looking” according to the event hose. The only way to gain entry in that area is to meet the judge’s definition of hot.

What exactly is hot? Is it having clothes brought with Ameba Gold? Is it your Pico’s physical features? Is it having clothes bought with Gummies? Is it having connections with the right crowd? No one actually knows. Everyone has their own opinion of “hot”. That opinion should only matter to the direct appearance a person and to no one else.

Like it or not YOUR judgment of yourself should be kept to your personal standard of how you conduct yourself.

I find these events ridiculous and uncalled for. It’s not fair to those who "don’t make the cut". What do you think goes through their head when they are told they aren’t good looking?

For the people who did make the cut and are sitting around laughing at those who don’t make it you should be ashamed.

Everyone in our Pico community is equal. I’m no different from you; you are no different from me. We all are equal and that’s what we are starting to forget.

It’s not even about being an Ameba Gold or Gummie user anymore. Gummie users throw "Hot or Not " events aso do Ameba Gold users. Gummie users rate people in their events and so do Ameba Gold users.

I actually believe that some of the people who go to these events and or throw them are a little insecure with themselves as well. You shouldn’t be judging anyone but yourself. It’s alright to get a compliment here and there, but honestly, do you really need judgment on your looks from another? YOUR, opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. As long as you feel good about yourself, nothing else will matter. I believe that inner beauty is more important than outside beauty.

I know that some of you who throw these events mean no harm, but just take this post into consideration.

This is Pico. We should be able to escape the harmful effects of being stigmatized in certain groups. Your judgment of yourself is the only judgment you should be concerned with. You shouldn’t go around judging others based on their appearance without getting to know them. And if you are going to judge someone, please do it based upon their personality not their looks. We are all equal whether you like it or not. You are and will be everything you aspire to be, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lesson of the day: Your opinion of only YOURSELF is the only one that counts.

Please help support Japan as ♔ℓเgħтηเηg has asked before. Continue to wear red and white until the end of the month. And if you are in the position to do so please donate, Japan is in a great need of help right now.


  1. Love this post. And the thing I find extremely ridiculous about this sort of thing is we're all AVATARS! With the same body type, and many with the same facial features. And those that do have a so-called "ugly" apperance have no doubt done it intentionally. Judging one on their looks is not only sadly shallow, but down right stupid. That's why so many people feel pressured to go under the knife, or to starve themselves so they can fit into a size's pathetic. This whole generation is fake, with fake, plastic body parts and personalities to match. NO ONE IS PERFECT, and in our in imperfections, we are ALL BEAUTIFUL. The only thing we need to worry about improving in ourselves, is who we are as people. Not our appearances...just to make ourselves "acceptable" to others. I have a philosophy in life: Keep the people around that love and accept you for who you are, and kick all the others to the curb. You can still care for them, but you needent be concerned with having them in your life if all they do is bring you down. Sorry this is so long, just something I feel strongly about. Peace. :P

  2. Great post my friend

  3. even fashion shows, there's discrimination. there's many fashion shows named 'high class fashion show' that means only AG buyers accepted or win in the show. room owner always remark that 'no noobs allowed' they dun even judge by their styles, they how valuable does that pico wear on. LOL high class is really meaning how expensive is that clothes. aren't fashion shows just a game for showing talent/mix n match?? ok i admit that i'm one of those AG buyers, i'm crazy buying items. but when i matched some gummy items on my pico's body, u r already be out. another phenomenon is that, only famous(rich) picos can have a chance to be champion (some of them have really no style). i realize that style is something subjective. anyways, although AG items r awesome, fashion isn't abt unity, both real life n visual world.

    however, ameba pico seems to be separated into two world, higher class and lower class LOL. how realistic it is. :D wat the hell, it's just a social game. not a competition.

    last word, rich or not rich, it's a question. (rich pico cant buy/wear gummy dresses, omg)

    pico ▲

  4. Dear Pico,
    Not all Fashion shows are like that! Famous, rich people like CamaraDerie also let Gummie users win. Pfft, rich or not rich. Thats not a question. People can be rich in real but don't bother to buy gold. It is ONLY separated into two worlds for SOME picos, not all. Don't think all picos act this way ;)

    A AG User