Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's A Small World

Dreaming is a wonderful way of spending some time in a magical world....

愛の花☆ティファニー炎立 (from Hong Kong)
cute fat畢加Q  (from Hong Kong)
ok 妹 小丑魚 (from Hong Kong)

                      Now let me share with you  my dreams....

PHOTO 1:   ソレア☆(solea) (from Japan)
PHOTO 2:   Kuretako8 (from Japan)

                                 In my dreams I can fly so high,
                             That I am able to touch the clouds.
                                   and sit and rock on the moon,
                  while I see bright shining stars rain over you.

PHOTO 1:  мαяιиє ѕσυкуυu (from USA)
PHOTO 2:  SanLyn

          I can talk to my grandma that is an angel in Heaven now,
                  and share with her my dreams and my thoughts.
                        And I can hold her and give her a big hug,
                   and kiss her forehead before I tell her goodbye.

PHOTO 1:  Wi'
PHOTO 2:  ☆IKUMI☆ (from Japan)

                Not only do I live in a castle in my dreams,
                       but I am the most beautiful queen.
         Where everything is made of sugar and chocolate,
        and children can play in my candy-flowery gardens.

PHOTO 1: RB: ヌット・さん PCG  (from Thailand)
PHOTO 2: siao phin  (Hong Kong)

              Now in my dreams there is no sadness or pain,
                                and people never get sick.
                          There is no hunger or violence.
                          And all humanity lives in peace.

☆まゆ☆ (from Japan)
¤ωιптέя¤  (from Japan)

                            Now the best part of my dreams is,
                       that everyone in the world is my friend
                     And my shyness and quietness disappear
                         And I can talk and laugh with no end.

God Bless You All


  1. dear pico perfect,
    ۩¢lαιяєвєαя۩ has been mean to me and my friends for a while now. She wont stop and even if i tell on her, she wont leave us alone. please help!

  2. dear picoperfect i followed ur blog so could you do the same?? plz its
    its a rubbish name yes but its about my pico life xD

  3. Dear Pico perfect i like it when it said I can talk to my grandma....Because that's wat i do almost ever nite becasue my grandpa past. Anyway may u guys check out my blog @

  4. @ Anonymous, there's nothing anyone on this blog can do. If this person is harassing you, report him/her to the Pico admins. Copy and paste the chat from Pico and send to them.

    Use the contact form:

    You can also block the person from your room and mute their chat.