Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

I finally got my crown, YaY!!! I needed one so badly. A girl can't be walking around forever in this Pico world not feeling like a queen or a princess at least for once in her lifetime.... RIGHT? And to tell you the truth, I even like it better than the one I had my eye on at the Shop Lounge in Las Vegas. My new crown feels a little heavy on my head though, I feel like I am carrying 10 pounds of Jelly Beans, It must be all those jewels and gold :O
Oh well, its all worth it :)

۩ LONG LIVE THE QUEEN ۩...  sweet_mom!

My Pico of the day is Jessica Stravo!

This spunky ray of sunshine was running so excitedly around one of the CHESS FIELD ROOMS, letting everyone know how much AMEBA GOLD and GUMMIES she had that it was unavoidable not to get overwhelmed with her cheerful personality. Once she saw me she came to an abrupt stop and screamed on top of her lungs... "SHE"S GOT THE DRESS AND THE CROWN!!!" and then continue with her display of excitement. You just had to be there...LOL!

What a cute couple!
When I saw ★☆ Rukiルキ ☆★ and  ✩♪ 麗 ♪ ✩ standing side by side at Beginners Plaza, I couldn't help being drawn by their CARE-FREE personalities. They stood their almost naked just by a scarf and a neck bow that covered part of their chest so they wouldn't catch a cold. As I got closer to eavesdrop on their conversation I got to hear that our friend
★☆ Rukiルキ ☆★ was hungry but since it was late and probably most fast-food places would be closed, he was settling for "OREO" cookies, I agree with you, ✩♪ 麗 ♪ ✩ mmmmmmm...


I truly looove when a person feels confident about themselves. Self esteem is something we should all have since we are all SPECIAL in this world and we are one-of-a-kind ;) Gladly my beautiful girl Zingkyla is the perfect example of GREAT SELF-ESTEEM. She is SOOO confident about her beauty that she will let everyone she comes across with know how BEAUTIFUL she is... YES Zingkyla , you are truly BEAUTIFUL :)

On the other hand, Мíкαи♡Mαrtin is also a BEAUTIFUL girl but more on the modest side. Modesty is a beautiful trait all humans should have. Modest people don't have the need to express their SELF-CONFIDENCE to the world, it shows with their attitudes and behaviors. The secret is in finding the balance between these two.

Now, my silly girl  ♥‿♥ⓜⓘⓐ was sooo thirsty that she couldn't wait for me to go and get her a glass with water from the kitchen. She just started gulping away from my fountain. It was just sooo funny :)

OMG, my SILLY BOY WITH THE BIG HEART @[[ChOl0][FGO] came to see me!!!
After not hearing from him for a looong time, it was WONDERFUL to see him again :)
Not only did he come to wish me a HAPPY NEW YEAR, but brought with him his beautiful wife @nom2 and  ƒgø[[¢ђøℓø]. I wonder if that was his twin brother :O

We had so much catching up to do, that after a while we were all so exhausted and fell asleep....ssshhhh!

Til next time, remember that we  are  all born being PRINCESSES and we really do not need a crown... that is just an accessory.

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