Saturday, January 8, 2011

What A Goofball!

I had been trying all afternoon to make Catero understand what a BIG GOOFBALL he really is. He seemed clueless to what I was talking about, and had a face of  "SAAAYYY WHAAATTT?"

At that point I realized I had to reinforce my intervention with Catero on what a BIG goofball he is if I wanted to save him.

So I called our good friend Peggy Hill, and together we work at making him understand our GOOFBALL opinion on him. We put in front of him the many times he has proven us right, and still he refused to accept the truth.

He goes into one of his GOOFBALL FITS and starts kicking away, which just made me laugh while he repeatedly stated "I AM NO GOOFBALL >:( "

I turn to see if Peggy Hill is laughing too at his display of GOOFBALL FIT. But as always she had fallen into boredom with our constent quarrels and had fallen asleep.

Suddenly my sweet girl  ~LittleCara~ stops by to say hello, but Catero keeps acting like the TOTAL GOOFBALL he really is and doesn't care we've got company.

Once our guest left, I desperately try to put some sense into his BIG PAPA HEAD.... "CAT accepted it once and for all "...
1. You act like a GOOFBALL all the time.
2. You look like a GOOFBALL all the time.


He left not wanting to see the truth ...

Oh well, I give up!

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