Saturday, February 19, 2011

Close encounters of the third kind

Anyone who has watched an alien movie or two - any Fire In The Sk fans out there? - has probably heard the expression, "close encounter of the third kind". A "close encounter" refers to when someone sees a UFO (unidentified flying object). There are varying "kinds" or degrees of a close encounter:
  • First kind: Seeing a UFO, floating lights or other unexplained objects;
  • Second kind: seeing evidence of a UFO like crop circles or radiation burns on property, tv or radio signal interruption or frightened animals;
  • Third kind: Seeing a live extraterrestrial being outside, inside or near to a UFO;
  • Fourth kind: Seeing someone or being abducted by a UFO;
  • Fifth kind: Communicating with an extraterrestrial;
  • Sixth kind: Seeing or experiencing the physical effects of a UFO abduction like injuries or a human death;
  • Seventh kind: Mating between a human being and extraterrestrial that produces a human-alien hybrid ("Star Child").
Isn't science (fiction) fascinating ... and downright odd?

Today, we're focusing on the third kind as many, many people have been experiencing this type of extraterrestrial encounter during the 2nd Anniversary of Yoyogi Park in Pigg, which I wrote about a few days ago. I describe the Pigg game/community as "Pico's older Japanese Brother".

For some reason, UFO sightings are on the upswing, as witnessed in the video below (view in full screen for best quality and detail). Many people typing /2nd into public chat seems to be a trigger that attracts a UFO pilot who likes to shake Picos down to size.

If you play Pigg and have not yet had your own harmless alien encounter, visit Yoyogi Park before all of the anniversary festivities end!


  1. DDDDD:

    Can't wait for the 2nd anniversary for Pico.

  2. @ sammie, the 1st anniversary of Pico is coming up in March ... and I am *really* looking forward to that. ^^