Sunday, September 26, 2010

✿Sweet_Mom's Fashions✿

Many people always compliment me on my outfits. Many of the Buddy Requests that I get say 'Nice outfit", "I like your style" or "Where did you get that dress?' So I decided to show you my favorite three outfits I put together. BTW, I looooooove boots and jackets!

This is my WOW outfit, by far is my favorite one! The day I wore it for the first time I recieved alot of compliments from most of my friends :D

Riverside Sozhou's Shop (China)
Chinese Cheongsam Vest 80 AG/1 Token - Chinese Cheongsam Pants 450 gummies
Paul's Shop (NYC Downtown)
Shou's Hat From the Single "Senkou' 180 AG/ Not Available with Token
Shop Lounge, Jill's Shop (Las Vegas)
Golden Butterfly Hair pin C$3,000
Ricky's Shop (Sunset Beach)
2 Color Flip-Flops 300gummies
Shop-Catalog Order
Classy Stylish Watch/rd 2,800 gummies

This is my Sweetie Pie outfit, my second favorite.

Rinarina's Shop (Shibuya 106, Tokyo-Japan)
Floral Printed Dress with Ribbon Belt/pk 100 AG/ 1 Token
Shop-Catalog OrderZip-Up Leather Jacket/wh 130 AG/ 1 Token (luckily got it on sale for 30 AG)
Rinarina's Shop (NYC Downtown)
Chain Polkadot Bag/pk 120 AG/ 1 Token
Vivienne's Shop (NYC Downtown)
Lolita Double-Layer Big Bow Hairdress/pk 80 AG/ 1 Token
Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes/pk 1,500 gummies
Shop-Catalog Order
Flower Bead Bracelet/pk 60 AG/ 1 Token

This is what I call my Macarena outfit.

Matsuri Area's Shop (area closed)
Black Dress (sorry no longer available)
Riverside Sozhou's Shop
Hand-Made Chinese Fan 100 AG/ 1 Token
Vivienne's Shop (NYC Downtown)
Lolita Fishnet Stocking/rd 180 AG/ 1 Token
Gothic Rose Hat/rd 80 AG/ 1 Token
Shop-Catalog Order
Vintage Engineer Boots/blk 50 AG/ 1 Token

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