Friday, October 1, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For #1

These are the blessings that make my Pico life much beautiful but many times I take for granted...

My Pico Family

Me, Catero, Gem Rock and Peggy Hill (photo Taken on 9-30-10)

Though I’m not part of your PicoStyle team anymore, you will always be my real Pico family. I am thankful for you, my two sisters and my best friend Catero.


For the many nights we stayed up late just talking to you while you listen with an open heart and ready to give me your advice, I am thankful for you Marceline… I miss you soooo much!

For Kind Picos

For feeding me at the park and being so kind, I am thankful.

For staying with me after the party was over and feeding me apples til I was full, I am thankful.

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