Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's A Small World

⋛⋋♡DQ姫系♡⋌⋚ and 昭昭女王 (from Hong Kong)

Sweetness can be so easily lost over a cute bunny!

サラサラ (from Japan)

With those beautiful blue eyes she seems to say it all...  Life is Love and Love is Life, so let us love each other!

♪✿Ayano ✿♪ and Hargnn (from San Marino)

How big is your HEART?
Ours are these BIG!

KA MILKA (from Hong Kong)

She carries a bag full of laughter to share with the people she meets!

L'α®©†Bdešt†™ and Elagabalus (from Japan)

I had a rough night, even lost my shirt in those Casinos in Las Vegas.

Charmander ♥ (from Japan)

She smiles as she recalls childhood memories. :)

†вяιgιттe† (from Catalonia)

I'm looking for my drum, has anyone seen it?

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