Saturday, January 22, 2011



Today, as I was ringing Picos' rooms (especially the Picos we posted about for the day), I came upon EikoSmiths's AMAZING BLUE DINER. Not only is her room great, but the best thing was she had left glasses with milk EVERYWHERE!

I love it when I visit Picos' rooms and they so generously have left food/drinks for hungry visitors that might drop by while they are away.

I've been lucky enough to have found several rooms where their nice owners do this on a regular basis. I keep their names so I can drop by whenever I get hungry and even share the names with my BFF so he too can take advantage of such nice gesture ;)

Three things to always remember when you find a room with food left by their owner.
  1. If you do eat some of their food, why not leave some of your own there too. Remember SHARING is always good and you will also earn Gummies this way.
  2. Don't be greedy and eat ALL the food. If you notice that by consuming it you stopped earning points, STOP there and leave the rest for other Picos that will benefit by it.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT to leave them a "THANK YOU" message/letter or a balloon for their wonderful generosity.
P.S. Let's not forget those wonderful Picos that so kindly leave food out in their rooms for our pets.

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