Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting The Boot

Back on January 15, ★♫яαмιє♫★™  wrote this email to me which I wanted to share with you and also reply to on my blog.

Hello There! I was wandering around your blog the other day and noticed one of your post that startled me a little. I noticed you said one of the funniest things that every happened to you was being kicked from a girl's room. I remembered how you were so nice and wonderfully creative, even for 30-34 years old. Being kicked from a pico girl's room is somthing alot of people get mad over, and for you to think that was hilarious, that just shows how beautiful you are on the inside, as well as the out. My username on Ameba Pico is ★♫яαмιє♫★™ . I've lettered you once before, and i was also at your house because my friend told me to look it up. You have a wonderful house and are a very, very, nice person. The best on Ameba Pico, probably (: Stay Sweet!

Hello, dear ★♫яαмιє♫★™,  and thank you for your email.

I do have to agree with you that MOST people will get mad by getting kicked out from someone's room. I, however, usually just smile or laugh, or feel sad or confused - depending on how it all happened.

It is very funny to me when I visit someone's room and suddenly my screen turns gray and I'll say to myself, "OMG, I WAS JUST KICKED OUT!", and I'll start laughing.

Usually, the people that have kicked me out  are Picos who host room events with false claims, like offering Ameba Gold or pets if you ring them. When I have entered their rooms to question their lying and giving false hope to unsuspecting Picos, I get that familiar gray screen.

I've also been kicked out of room events after I have given the host rings and props. I think many of us have. To me, this just shows immaturity, so I don't take it personally.

Now the ONLY times that being kicked out that have tremendously affected me, were the two times I was kicked out by people that I very much loved. It was sad and humiliating and it affected me for some time. However, I moved on and my message to those TWO friends is ... "You will always be welcome in my home". 

Have I ever kicked out someone from my room? YES, I have to admit it. I've done it ONCE. I had to take this sad measure to protect myself from someone that kept harassing me and posting disrespectful messages on my board. After MANY failed attempts to make this person stop and seeing that things were just getting worse, I was left with no choice.

When you get kicked out, keep your cool and don't take it personal. Many people that KICK OUT others from their rooms, are usually people that do it out of fear or disrespect; it shows immaturity and its not worth you ruining your HAPPY TIME in Pico. Just do what I do, laugh at it and move on to the next room. =D

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  1. Sweet Mom! You're such a nice person! ='(

    I've been kicked out a couple of times before for no reason. (Mostly kids in the age group of 13 - 17)

    Like RAMIE above, I just wanna encourage you to stay sweet and lovely as you ALREADY are now. =D

    You're always welcomed to stay in Sanji サンジ's Pizza room :D (Will try to make new dishes for you guys every month or so =D) Just been too busy with work these days. LOL

    (Am a girl btw XDXD)

    You're LOVED Sweet MOM!!

    Always have a GREAT TIME in Pico!! =D