Friday, January 21, 2011

The Romantic Bath Room

I just knew that today would be a PINKASTIC day. As soon as I logged in this morning to check on my Pico mail I noticed the new ROMANTIC BATH ROOM that had just opened up. I immediately got all dolled-up (in pink) and went to check it out!

Photo: ミャ﹏ (small tub) Kostic (boy, green cap) Kiz:) (girl black cap) ™Radittya™★☞(boy in big tub)

The model room is AMAZINGLY PINK and SWEET. Pink is such a soothing color that causes you to get that warmth and relaxing feeling all over ;)

I wasn't surprised to find a TOILET THRONE there. Finally Pico provides us with something that is so necessary for our needs. I am still very proud of the throne I created in my room ... don't get me wrong, it served its purpose well. ;-)

Now the sink area is absolutely perfect. As I sat there to fix my hair, I couldn't help feel like a real princess.

The HEART-SHAPED TUB, is what I consider the focus point of the whole room. It is meant to be shared with your LOVED ONE, but I honestly don't see anything wrong sharing it with good friends, in my case
мίşş.ςαηđү εïз joined me for a dip.

Now, You can always jump into the smaller tub if you are planning on a more private relaxing bath away from the crowd.

Hopefully, this Pink Gacha will be nicer to me and doesn't break my heart like all the other ones before. It seems friendlier, the problem is, I AM COMPLETELY BROKE and can't find my husband's wallet. >:(
BABY, where are you? Come bring yme our wallet, PLEASE. ;)

BTW... Where's the blue for our guys?


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! Your husband's wallet! Nice >.<

  2. Pico Mail? You are online with your cellphone.