Friday, January 21, 2011

It's A Small World

(Left to right) MOMOMOMOMOMOM0 from Seychelles), 叫我美女得啦. from Great Britain- United Kingdom, cheer :) (from Qatar)

A queen, a cutie and a fashion diva; Three beautiful friends having the greatest time with no worries in the world. What a wonderful way of spending the day together!

(Left to right) ENCANTADOR (from Spain), patricia33

"Oh boy! All I asked was if you wanted to be my girlfriend, why is that so funny?"

wOndRgiRL (from Indonesia)

All alone, isolated from the rest of this Pico World. Don't worry, it is by choice; her profile says "DoNT disturb ME".

EikoSmiths (from Japan), ★AQUA★ (from Japan)

Friends sharing how their day went at work.

TOMHIKO (from Japan)

After serenading his love, he sits alone with a satisfied heart.

bokku ボク

Little lost boy, looking confused and scared. Feeling forgotten and unloved ... just breaks my heart. His profile says: "do you remember me? ive been waiting mama".


This bundle of joy, is waiting patiently for someone special to share her laughter with.

Aliiciaaa (from England)

Dancing happily to the beat of her tambourine, she raises her arms up to the sky!


Standing gallantly under the dim light, handsome prince, waits for his love.

™$_B| ekha™ (from Senegal)

Who can see that he walks in the nude, when all he carries blocks the view.

GreenzY (from Indonesia)

Silently, with inviting eyes, he knows that a beautiful lady my come and sit by his side. For who can resist his smile!

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  1. Thank you sweet_mom. ur so sweet.
    am I handsome? LOL