Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mingle With My Picos


Aren't dreams so enetertaining? I am referring to the dreams we get when we are asleep. For me, the majority of them are good and yes, once in a while I'll get a "bad one". Dreams keep our mind entertained while we are asleep, but seriously sometimes I wish I had a Dream Remote Control and change the channel, because sometimes dreames just don't make any sense at all or they are just so darn boring...LOL =D

Funny thing happened to me one day. I dreamt that I had gone shopping for tons of beautiful clothes (Only in my dreams will this ever happen) and I had gotten home and my new clothes were all over my bed. Piles of it, mountains of it, and all of it beautiful and of course I am very happy in my dream.

The next morning I wake up feeling great and I get in the shower singing uncontrollably. Come out to pick what I was going to wear for the day, and guess what! I was actually looking for the clothes from my dream and couldn't find it.... DAAAH :P

My Pico Of The Day Is •вαвѕу•™  from Cook Islands!

Catero and I have been seeing this BEAUTIFUL Picotutie at one of the Japanese Parks for the last few days. She absolutely stole our hearts away. But who can blame us, just look at that adorable face, it makes you just want to pinch those snuggly cheeks of her.

Last night I finally walked up to her to say hi, and she said "HI" back, it was AWESOME =D

When I saw Tommy2 at Beginner's Plaza I was a little scared. He looked angry and ready to fight who ever got in his way. But once again,  I was fooled by "LOOKS". Our good friend turned out to be real sweet and generous. He kept putting out food for all the hungry Picos even though he wasn't getting any more points. It didn't stop him.

This is what I am talking about, "REAL GENEROSITY". It's something you do for others while not expecting anything in return.

If you look carefully at lily54's profile, you will notice that she is BRAND NEW. She came into our Pico world with a BANG!!! She may have only 1 buddy but she sure has tons of props, she's was actually beating me :P I guess she loooves Pico as much as I do and had been hanging around for some time.

I tried to welcome her, but our friend was moving way to fast, and to tell you the truth, I am the slowest typer in Pico world. So here it goes... "WELCOME, have the greatest time =D".

I found this AMAZING quartet of BEAUTIFUL performers at Beginner's Plaza and was instantly drawn to them by their FRIENDLY personalities. They never seemed to mind when people kept approaching them and blocking them from the rest of us.The beautiful ladies were singing while their handsome companions danced to the beat of the music.

Thank you so much Lisa Smiss Family, Lisa Smiss-Lara, Lisa Smiss-Azul,
Lisa Smiss-Rosa and Lisa Smiss-Pepe for the wonderful entertaiment you provided for us.

Til next time, I wish you beautiful dreams for every night and beautiful dreams come true every day in your life

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