Thursday, January 20, 2011

♬мια cнαη♬


Before heading to bed last night, I decided to check my Pico letters and messages one last time, luckily for me, I found one letter left from ♬мια cнαη♬ from Music Lover Pico Blog inviting me to come over to her room for a delicious cup of hot coffee and sticky rice cake. She had read my article on "Rooms SWEET Rooms" where at the end I asked my beautiful Picos to please leave me a cup of coffee waiting for me on their tables.

After reading her letter I immediately decided to go for that cup of coffee she had so kindly left for me. As soon as I stepped foot at her door, I saw that in fact there is a steamy hot coffee and a sweet cake waiting for me on her table with my name written all over them. I ran to take a sit and suddenly my sweet ♬мια cнαη♬ appears like magic. She joins me at the table and while I am enjoying my treats she proceeds to tell me how much she enjoys our blog. She truly made me feel very welcomed =D

Thank you ♬мια cнαη♬ so much for the coffee and cake, but mostly for being such a WONDERFUL Pico.
LoVe YoU

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