Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rooms SWEET Rooms


OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Look... a carousel! :O
Isn't it soooooooo BEAUTIFUL. I LOOOVE IT .

When I found this room, I wanted to move in and stay there FOREVER. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful rooms ever created here in Pico. I may be an adult with children but I am still a kid at heart.

This room is perfect for all those that are a Pico parent.  Take your Pico children over for a good time but don't forget to take your own cotton candy ;)

Thank you  ~chella~ so much for making my heart tickle with your beautiful room

ROOM SIZE 16X16  (Room found by Catero)

When my good friend Catero called me to let me know he had found a "ROOM" that he wanted me to check out, I immediately went to see what the fuzz was all about.

As soon as I walked into this room, I was very impressed by the beautiful lake that has been created in front of the king's throne where a very elaborated bridge had been built across it. Not only that, but this bridge has been adorned by a blue carpet and an arch of balloons complete this ROYALTY ROOM.

あんこちゃん your room is truly fit for a king, *bow* to the king.



Now our good friend  ‖¥akuZa‖ Rey  has created the PERFECT room for someone that loves the outdoors without losing the comfort of a COZY-WARM bed.

As you enter her amazing room, you will be greeted by a beautiful outdoor area which include a lake for swimming to a great outdoor kitchen. Not only that, you will find an elevator that will take you to an upstairs area where beds can be found for a good nights rest after having fun in the outdoors.

If you decide to visit this room, don't forget to take your bathing suits unless you like skinny-dipping.


As I was returning rings for my kind visitors, I came upon this gorgeous little room. What attracted my attention the most was the RED decor our friend ☆maron☆ used to make her room so beautiful.

In my book, if you use red, you can't go wrong!


Shiver me timbers, Matey!

Now this is an OUTSTANDING room that will blow you away. The size of the ship is truly OVERWHELMING! The ship has been created at a Titanic size that you can almost get lost in it and never to be found.

Aye,  now lets go find ourselves some doubloons in our friends Roronoa.Zoro's ship...Yo-ho-ho!


You don't have to be an intellectual Pico to be able to visit White!'s room. Don't let the title of this room "CHESS KINGDOM" intimidate you.

If you are like me, an unintelligent chimp with the IQ of a sack of peanuts, LOL, don't let that stop you from enjoying such greatness that you will find in this room. The room is absolutelyy incredible and once you walk in, you will find yourself caught between the battle of two mighty kings... Long Live The Kings!!!

Til next time, don't forget to leave me a hot cup of coffee waiting for me on your table. 

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  1. Aww all the rooms are nice... my room is just so ugly!!
    this is my pico name:March™
    If you are free you maybe check it out :PP