Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fangirled in the park

Photo: left to right: (Unknown sleeping guy), Picolly (sweet_mom's turtle), sweet_mom,
♡anna♡, ♠Oi♠ kallen, Catero, ⋛⋋♡DQ姫系♡⋌⋚

Once again, I dragged sweet_mom out to Japanese Park. Of all the public rooms in Pico, I believe it's the best place to get props and meet or see interesting Picos.

Maybe it's because a majority of the Pico population is made up of adolescents, but sometimes people really do get excited to see writers from blogs they read in the flesh pixels.Though some really doubt this, it's true. It happened when sweet_mom and I popped into the park to rack up our Gummies gauge for the day.

(20:34) ♡anna♡: OMG
(20:34) ♡anna♡: CATERO
(20:34) ♡anna♡: AND SWEET MOM
(20:34) sweet_mom: hi
(20:34) Catero: ANNA!
(20:34) ♡anna♡: WOW
(20:34) ♡anna♡: WOW
(20:34) ♡anna♡: WOW
(20:34) sweet_mom: :)
(20:35) ♡anna♡: youre so
(20:35) ♡anna♡: attractive and inttelligent people
(20:35) sweet_mom: :)
(20:35) ♡anna♡: im going to
(20:35) ♡anna♡: take picture
(20:35) ♡anna♡: OK
(20:36) Catero: oh cool
(20:36) ♡anna♡: CATERO!
(20:36) Catero: YES?
(20:36) ♡anna♡: OK
(20:36) ♡anna♡: PIC TAKEN
(20:36) ♡anna♡: NOW SWEET MOM
(20:36) sweet_mom: ok
(20:37) ♡anna♡: SWEATY MOM!

I was wondering when someone else was going to notice how sweaty sweet_mom is. ;-)

When we came into the room, I was also approached by ♠Oi♠ kallen, who was very curious to know where I got my eye patch (she called me "Catelo" LOL). Unfortunately, the last day to get this and other limited Alice Nine items was on August 25, 2010. Don't worry, ♠Oi♠ kallen, something tells me that these items will be back in the coming months. Make sure you save up your AmebaGold.

sweet_mom and I also had a change meeting with her good friend ⋛⋋♡DQ姫系♡⋌⋚ (or ★DQ☆姫系★) who writes the Fiin Pico Land blog. She has some funny pet profiles up as her latest post right now. Four days ago when I first saw the pet profiles on the Fiin Pico Land blog, I said to Peggy Hill, "Damn, why didn't I think of this?".

♡anna♡'s Pico "brother" also came along. I can't remember his name, but he called me a Mexican Devil for some reason. I've never even been to Mexico! He seemed to fancy himself a ladies man and tried to hit on some of the girls in the room. Not surprisingly, none of them jumped at the opportunity.

♡anna♡,  ♠Oi♠ kallen and ⋛⋋♡DQ姫系♡⋌⋚ were kind enough to pose for a photo ... and hang around to be silly for a little while.

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