Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ameba Pico Scam

Written by ten.ten.

Hello, I am e-mailing you because I think you are a very well known Pico blog and can potential warn many people of the dangers that can be found on Pico. I have recently been contacted by a Pico by the name of [ßυииiε cнαи]. I added her with the pretense of her being another kind Pico player but immediately she started asking me if I would like gold. I told her that I don't need it hoping she wouldn't ask me what I thought she would.

She gave me the story of "her mother letting her give away 1,000 gold to a pico friend and she chose me". I said well "how will you give it away" she said she just needed an E-mail and Password. I signed off after that.

I signed on again later in the day and she immediately asked me once again do I want gold. Most was over PM but here is a bit of the conversation from chat.

(21:32) ten.ten.: What do you need to give gold?
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: password and email
(21:32) ten.ten.: o
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: xD
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: LoL
(21:32) ten.ten.: ok no then.
--- You have moved to ♡♥♡♥Pico Lounge♡♥♡♥♡
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: r u on facebook
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ???
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥:
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: or
(21:33) ten.ten.: ameba pico
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: .net
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: o
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: do you want gold
(21:33) ten.ten.: No
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ?????
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: do
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ya
(21:34) ten.ten.: no dnt need it
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: its 3,000
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: i am over limit
(21:34) ten.ten.: i can get gold any time so i dnt need it
(21:35) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: plz take it
(21:35) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: I just need e-mail and password

Please warn fellow new and old pico's of this person. She's extremely convincing.

Thank you so much for your time, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

[Update: January 21, 2011] Pico Official Guide: Don’t let your Pico ID be Stolen!!


  1. aaaa that's the person who copied me and asked for my pass too!!

  2. I hope you sent Ameba/CyberAgent Inc a report on it, sαмαитнα~♥™. ;-)