Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Classic Music Room

I was feeling a little NOSTALGIC the other day due to the weather we've been having lately, you know, those gloomy days? But sometimes you just have to find a way to snap out of those feelings and get yourself together, so I did. I decided I needed to get out and go somewhere special, somewhere I hadn't been before...

Searching for a special place to visit I found The Classic Music Room... hhhmm, I wonder why I hadn't noticed this room before :O Anyways going back to my story, I put on my Strapless Party Red Dress and my Halloween Dance Party Gorgeous Hat and head for this place.

Once I arrived I noticed how MUSICALLY inspiring this room really is. Other music lovers were there too, BiGbOy864, ♥Ever Dear♥ and ♥ Elena ♥. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to get all their names :( I missed the Pico in the pink top :(

As soon as I sat at the piano, a great feeling of happiness came upon my whole soul.  Somehow music and dancing always seems to cheer me up. I just wished I knew how to play that piano that was sitting there eagerly waiting for someone to play it. Still, I felt happy just looking at it and pretending I was the greatest pianist ever!

 I noticed a "WALKING PIANO" on one side of the room, and it reminded me of the movie BIG with Tom Hanks (1988). The piano for that movie was invented by Italian Remo Saraceni. What a wonderful invention, You can literally dance while playing your own music on this piano!

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