Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Pico Tower

The other night I decide to look for another INTERESTING event to attend to. I scrolled slowly down the list of events and finally I saw one that sounded pretty interesting, "COME BE IN MY PICO TOWER" given by our friend ¢αѕѕιє .

So I put on my comfy boots, grabbed Picolly (my pet turtle) and off we went determined to have a great time!

As I arrived to  ¢αѕѕιє ツ's room, I noticed the event was already in progress and the PICO TOWER was already reaching pretty good heights.

Impatiently I waited for my turn to climb those steps and become part of the tower. Picos keep coming in wanting to be part of the fun.

I soon realized that forming a Pico tower requires alot of PATIENCE and WORK. The trick consists on forming steps and moving them away and forming them AGAIN but each time higher than the previous time.

Once I got my place in the tower, I hesitantly decided to try my actions but feared falling down. However, this did not happen so I freely enjoyed dancing, cheering, back flip and so on.

Picos continued coming in and some suddenly would leave breaking our beautiful tower and leaving empty spaces.The only boy that showed up announces that he wanted to be at the TOP, luckely for us, this was a "GIRLS' ONLY"event

Now our  PICO TOWER was almost done and all along there was this green turtle floating in tha air and none of us had ANY idea how she/he got up there....hhmmm... a real mystery I will say.

FINALLY, a beautiful Pico Tower was formed.
I would like to thank ¢αѕѕιє for her patience and hard work in creating this WONDERFUL and FUN event for us which we were so glad to be part of.

PS. Our good friend ¢αѕѕιє would like me to mention and give the credit for this event to her friend
hayley who was originally the one that came up with the idea. Thank you to both.... MUCHAS GRACIAS CHICAS!

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